02nd August 2019

279,609 rounds of betting took place as players competed to land the 1,500,000FUN Moon Racer jackpot


CasinoFair’s latest Moon Racer promotion has resulted in a sharp uptake in wagering with the FunFair-powered casino seeing frenzied activity during the double XP period between the 29th – 31st July with 104,287,877 FUN wagered in just 72 hours.

In total, a whopping 192,232,078 was wagered throughout the month with an average bet of 1,549FUN. Promisingly from the house’s perspective, this led to a 3,502,676FUN ‘win’ for the month before the usual deductions.



Lloyd Purser, Managing Director of CasinoFair said: “We had our best ever month on CasinoFair in July. Moon Racer did fantastically well both for a number of customers and the casino. In fact with the final double points boost we had more wagering the in last 48 hours than we achieved in June. An amazing result and we know our players loved that final opportunity to win. We’re looking at how we can make our promotions even better into August and will be releasing some fantastic – blockchain first – new games as well. To beat July we’re going to have to drive wagering of c.200m+ FUN – a great challenge – we’re going to do our best to achieve it by providing our customers with more opportunity to win big.”