We caught up with Pete Moores to find out what a normal day looks like for a UI/UX Designer at FunFair


We caught up with Pete Moores to find out what a normal day looks like for a UI/UX Designer at FunFair HQ.


So Pete, what does your day normally involve at FunFair?

It usually starts with a hearty bowl of Bran flakes and nice cup of tea, provided free of charge by the company! I’ll chat with my line manager Laurence about my plan of action for the day and what needs to be achieved before getting my head down. A lot of the time, different requirements/requests will come through during the day as well as impromptu meetings with front end development to help keep everything aligned. This certainly keeps me on my toes and it’s key I manage my time effectively to make sure I can remain on course with deadlines etc


What software do you use during a standard day/week?

I use Axure, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, and a text editor for FE development work. I use Axure and Marvel to create high fidelity prototypes. Using all the latest software is a massive help/bonus as it isn’t always the case in large corporations that struggle to adapt as quickly.


How would you breakdown your day in terms of time spent on different tasks?

50% of time UI designing in Sketch

30% of time UX work in Axure/Sketch

10 % of time creating HTML/CSS prototypes

10% in meetings, consulting with co-workers


What projects are you working on and how many other individuals/teams are involved in the process?

The white label casino we are offering to third parties has been my chief responsibility. In my remit there tends to be around 4-8 people that I’d be working with at a time. Mainstays are my line manager and the FE development team. It changes a fair bit depending on which stakeholders come forward with different requirements as the project evolves but it’s a real positive to have dialogue with different areas of the business. These conversations with other departments on how my designs impact their decisions really helps crystalise the final product I’m working towards and helps streamline the process too.


What control do you have on your day and the work you do?

A lot. As is often the case in start-ups there is a reliance on individuals to be proactive and formulate your day and your work based on your experiences and intuition. This can be very rewarding and it’s great to work in an environment where everyone has that freedom to explore their own ideas and are trusted to deliver quality output.


How much of your work is now ‘live’ for users to see?

Not much is live outside of beta but it will be soon. Obviously this is rewarding when you see your work being used by Joe public. There are some nerves ahead of ‘go live’ but it makes all the hard work worth it when you see the product being used by thousands of users and (hopefully!) receiving positive feedback.


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