We are very excited to announce that we have won ICO of the year at the Malta iGaming Awards.

This is a well-respected Gambling ceremony which saw us line up next to DAO.Casino and Edgeless. For the team this is a superb achievement and recognises their hard earned effort since our June ICO.

For the Technology team this is an even sweeter result as they have today updated our Showcase with the latest changes, which include:

  • A new lobby featuring improved navigation and visuals
  • Three card poker (local play)
  • Video Poker is now playable on our Fate Channels
  • All existing on-chain games are now running on the new V3 fate channels
  • New music, SFX, and brand new graphics FX
  • UI and layout improvements have also been released, with plenty of misc improvements and bug fixes

Busy team!

Jeremy Longley – our CTO – adds:

“We’re delighted to finally be able to showcase the latest upgrade to our Fate Channels system. Although there’s perhaps not much to see on the surface, we decided not to just hack in a multi-state game for the sake of it, but to fully upgrade the protocol and refactor the code to match; consequently we’ve now ended up with a really versatile solution – and the team and I are really happy about that!

I’m planning a much more detailed blog post probably called something like ‘Bringing Turing Completeness to State Channels’ which will explain how we’ve moved our ideas forward over the last six months – and hopefully won’t be too intractable a read!”


We are also working hard at our plans for 2018 and will be providing a wider, more comprehensive company update on the 20th December.

The FunFair Team