We’re pleased to announce our first partner casino, CasinoFair, has launched its Affiliate Program, delivering affiliate partners a brand new blockchain gaming audience to drive vast new revenues from.


Managed by the CasinoFair team and utilising the FunFair platform, CasinoFair promises to change the game of the affiliate sector with guaranteed fairness and payments, whether players win or lose.


What does CasinoFair’s Affiliate Program offer?

  • Commission on every bet
  • Lifetime affiliation
  • Zero hidden fees
  • Guaranteed fairness with transparent payments
  • Access to a vast blockchain gambling audience



How does it work?

Similar to other affiliate programs, CasinoFair will provide partners with a tracking link which can be used to direct players to sign-up. This is when partners can start raking in the FUN.

Different to usual payment partnerships though, affiliates will earn from every bet from any player linked to their account. Paying a commission percentage on every bet as opposed to the standard ‘win minus loss’ approach ensures affiliates are guaranteed an income which will be paid in FUN, or depending on the partnership agreement, other fiat currencies.

This process takes the risk out of affiliate partnerships, guaranteeing payments with no need to worry over consistent player wins, and with no strings attached.


When will this be automated?

We, the platform providers for CasinoFair and future white labels, are on the verge of launching automated affiliate payments on the blockchain, which will be paid directly to affiliate’s nominated crypto-wallet in real-time via smart contract at the end of every game session. This is due in Q2 this year.

We initially planned to launch this ‘refer-a-friend’ style program first, along with this off-chain solution, but due to rescheduled timelines, we have made the decision to allow partners to onboard now and start earning, with automation to be integrated when available.


How can I start earning?

Prospective affiliate partners can find out more information and sign up here. They will then be contacted by their dedicated affiliate manager who will supply partners with the relevant material to successfully promote CasinoFair.