More milestones! We recently removed the need for customers to pay Ethereum network fees (GAS) on all transactions on our platform.  

This development goes hand in hand with our mission to bring blockchain gaming to the masses and continued improvements to customer onboarding are critical to achieving that. 

“Death to Gas” means that customers on the FunFair platform can now sign up to get their non-custodial Ethereum wallet in seconds, then where required, convert FunFair’s cryptocurrency, FUN, using either FIAT or major cryptocurrencies and seamlessly play games without requiring ETH. This makes our platform a single currency solution providing a simple user journey for customers to play our ever-increasing and popular Guaranteed Fair games portfolio. 

Removing the need for customers to pay network fees in ETH takes away the requirement for complicated language and processes often used in crypto. Simplifying processes for less crypto savvy users is key to bringing a wider base of players into the ecosystem. 

Fred Kessler, CPO at FunFair Technologies Europe Ltd, said: “Along with our new payment processing for FIAT currencies, what we have coined “death to gas” is another major improvement for FunFair and our partners.  We’re taking the complexity and mystery out of blockchain gaming, while still offering all the benefits that the technology can bring around guaranteed fairness and unparalleled levels of trust.

Guaranteed Fair gaming experiences are available on our partner sites, CasinoFair, CryptoCasino and . Sign up now and get free FUN to play.