Most asked

What is Funfair Labs?

Blockchain doesn’t sit still, and neither can our development team. FunFair Labs is continually researching and building experimental concepts to identify how we can bring decentralised solutions to the gaming ecosystem.

What is Funfair Games?

Born out of our long history of building innovative multiplayer and crypto games, Funfair Games delivers unique and exciting experiences to Gen Y and Z players. Allowing casino operators the ability to engage with players that are not attracted to traditional single player games. Find out more here

What is the FUN Token?

The FUN Token was initially developed by FunFair Technologies in 2017 to power their FUN ecosystem.

In early 2021, FUN Token took control of FUN and are focused on developing this separately from FunFair Technologies with a new use case.

Users interested in FUN should visit the FUN Token for further updates:

What is a Fate Channel?

A Fate Channel is FunFair’s advanced version of a state channel. It is an essential component in delivering faster, fairer, more secure and lower cost gaming than other blockchain applications. By performing off-chain execution of smart contrats, the second layer scaling technology reduces delay and costs when playing blochain games, while also delivering real-time provably fair random number generation.

Where is FunFair located?

Our primary location is London, but we are also placed in Dublin and Douglas (Isle of Man).

The London team provide valuable marketing, commercial and product support. Our Dublin office drives all development, and we have recently set up operations in the Isle of Man to provide ongoing customer support and KYC maintenance.