We caught up with FunFair’s SVP Business Development, Lloyd Purser to get the inside scoop on what happened at G2E Vegas earlier this month.


What were the key trends or themes of the conference?

Most of the buzz from all sides was around sports betting with the repeal of PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) in the summer. That being said there’s a lot of positivity around online casino as well with more licences being issued in more states, so the foundations for blockchain technology in gaming are being set out.


What was it that people you spoke to liked about FunFair?

The disruptiveness of it! No deposits, no withdrawals, no logins, no registration, instant winnings and access to a new audience. People are definitely on board with how we are trying to disrupt the industry, it’s now about continuing to develop a product and platform that helps do just that.


Which stands and talks caught the eye and why? 

It was the battle of the big boys in the stands. Scientific Games had a huge stand with restricted access which was a new strategy, it actually worked well with lots of buzz behind the curtain.


Did the conference make you aware of any areas for improvement for FunFair? What will you be taking out of the trip?

Jez and I had some very constructive discussions with a variety of operators and game developers of different sizes and backgrounds. In the main they were all excited by the technology’s ability to change the way casinos operate and deliver a new, potentially highly lucrative, market of players.

Many of the businesses we spoke to are also starting to dedicate full-time resource to tracking blockchain technology and seeing how they can incorporate it into their current offering which is certainly encouraging.

It’s early days though and one of the biggest hurdles we have to get over is prioritisation over their other projects, not least the tier one European operator’s rush to service sports betting to the the US.

That said, we’re confident in the platform we are developing, while the vast potential of crypto will make it harder for the big boys to ignore the power of blockchain tech and FunFair Technologies intends to be at the forefront of that revolution!