We’ve today gone live with cryptocurrency exchange Changelly to deliver numerous new payment options to our partner casinos.


As part of our mission to bring blockchain gaming to the masses, we’ve integrated Changelly’s exchange API into the FunFair Wallet to allow players to swap various cryptocurrencies for FUN.

Registered players will now be able to bring the likes of Bitcoin, Tron and Litecoin to one of our live casinos and trade for FUN without leaving the platform or needing third-party exchange accounts.

This will further improve the customer journey, significantly reducing the friction between sign-up and gameplay, while also opening up our casinos to crypto-gamblers who may not hold FUN but want to experience the first-class gaming experience that the platform delivers.

With five cryptocurrency funding options at launch and more to come soon after, strong liquidity and instant transactions, Changelly’s innovative exchange API has been chosen to deliver the seamless experience that we continuously strive for.



Fred Kessler, CPO of our Dublin arm, said: “Integrating Changelly’s user-friendly exchange will open up our platform to a vast new audience of crypto-holders and allow for a far superior onboarding journey.

“To date, players must own FUN to play, but this new partnership of choice will allow for holders of the likes of Bitcoin to experience the best in blockchain gaming without the added hurdle of heading off-site to use a crypto exchange.”

Eric Benz, CEO at Changelly: “Funfair is a project I have been following for the past couple years and the team behind it is one of the best from both the gaming and crypto industries.

“I look forward to the integration of the Changelly API as this will benefit both customers and the partner companies who will utilise the FunFair Wallet.”

Following ‘any browser, any device’ wallet and second-gen platform launch, the added integration of Changelly’s exchange will cement our position as the most user-friendly blockchain casino platform around. Try it now at CasinoFair or Crypto Casino.