We are now just over two weeks into our beta testing on Mainnet and it’s so far so good.


Our participants have been enjoying testing the games with plenty of big wins along the way. In total we have over 25 external and 13 internal participants playing around the clock testing all areas of the platform, from the lobby user interface to each individual in-game action.

Over the next seven days we intend to double the number of external participants as we continue to put more strain on the platform with stress tests and other exercises designed to provide insight on how volume affects performance.

So far, participants have had their accounts funded with 1000 FUN each day and we have set max bets across our games accordingly. Everything beta participants can see is available for everyone to experience on our showcase site and those not part of the beta can still provide feedback via our Discord channel.

Bug Count

Through the first two weeks of internal and external testing we’ve discovered a number of bugs ranging from high to low priority as we look to prepare the platform for our live launch. To date, our testers have helped identify 58 bugs in total – 25 high priority, 30 normal priority and 3 low priority defects.

The reporting process involves participants sharing bugs through Discord as well as a specialist bug tracking and reporting software called MantisHub. As and when bugs are reported they are delegated to a member of the FunFair staff who then delivers a fix ready for the next release. As things stand, there are currently 38 open bug defects being worked on.

Popular Games

As of 31st May, there have been over 9,000 rounds of betting across the eight games with our brand new slots offering; Treasures from the Crypto leading the way with 39% of all rounds and 34% of all sessions opened. Next on the list is Blackjack with 22% of rounds and 23% of sessions, with European Roulette in third with 12% of rounds and 13% of total sessions played. The biggest winner so far was up over 7,300 FUN from just two sessions of play!

Rate of Singe

As those of you who have been following the ‘singe account’ over the last few weeks know, the total amount of FUN singed is now over the 2,500 mark. The current rate is set at 3.75% of house winnings and we’ll continue to look at this number as we onboard more participants and optimise a number of factors within the platform.

What the participants think:

‘The FunFair beta has been a blast so far. The platform is well designed and navigating throughout is simple and easy. It’s visual graphics on the home page are easy on the eyes and the site runs smooth. Treasures from the Crypto slot is top notch and would rival many online slot games with its design and gameplay. The table games however have more to give. Their design and graphics along with user experience feels very retro in comparison to top online table games in the industry. Depositing and cashing out FUN while sometimes takes time is extremely easy and your balance is easy to find and understand. Overall I think the team is on the right track and have done an extremely good job so far.’ CryptoGobbler

‘I’m impressed by the FunFair platform so far. While some games are basic implementations, they are polished, fun, and showcase the power of fate channels. I noticed hardly any gameplay lag once fate channels were opened. ‘Treasures from the Crypto’ is especially good, with addictive gameplay and excellent, fluid animations. FUN deposit times can vary, depending on ETH congestion, but are usually quick if you use enough gas. Once the fate channel transaction completes on the blockchain, the game reacts instantly. I had a few issues with cashing out, however, it was swift and seamless when it worked correctly. The interface is intuitive, and prompts are clear. The team was responsive and helpful when I did run into issues, and their bug tracking system documents continual progress in making the showcase better. Stellar project and team that really stand out in the blockchain space.’ bloopd

What FunFair say:

‘Beta is teaching us a lot about running a commercial product on the Ethereum Mainnet. It’s been a great experience so far, our Beta testers are doing a fantastic job stress testing the product, helping us find bugs and giving us constructive feedback. We’re all looking forward to rolling out new games and features over the coming days and weeks.’ Oliver Hopton