Our community has been and always will be crucial to the success of FunFair. You’ve helped us evolve from an ambitious concept into something far bigger, a game-changing product and industry first. From your initial support at token sale to helping with beta testing and the ongoing and insightful feedback and suggestions, we have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far.


From the outset, we have valued openness as a key asset to our entire business strategy and culture, whether that’s internally, in our game contracts or in our relations with our community and token holders.

The last few months has seen us scale significantly and change from an evolving project growing out of our token sale to one of the few live blockchain use cases with a shippable product looking to change the gaming industry for the better.

After careful consideration, we have now taken the decision to step-back from our day-to-day conversations as a business on the likes of Discord and Telegram. We will continue to moderate channels as required but we will now push out more formal and regular communications through more ‘official’ channels such as our news section. This enables us to focus as much resource as possible on our product development and ensure we can deliver better value to all within the FunFair ecosystem going forward.

We also need to ensure all sensitive commercial information is channeled in the right way and at the right times going forward as we tackle the next steps in the evolution of the business. Consequently, we’ll be committing to a more structured community approach which, it’s important to note, will not impede on our open values. We will continue to engage on a regular basis, but we want to move away from providing a direct messaging service to our staff and instead deliver regular, insightful content from our various departments.

We will continue to communicate all newsworthy information to you, our community and FUN holders, provided it’s in the best interests of FunFair Technologies and our partners going forward. This will mean we will not be able to answer every question asked of us. However, you can be sure that there will be more content to come and on a more regular basis.

On this note, we will be embarking on a new community relations plan in the coming days which will involve the following:

  • Removing the majority of FunFair staff from the FunFair Technologies server
  • Designating specific staff members to act as FunFair spokespeople
  • Offering more regular official updates to the News section of the FunFair website
  • Ad hoc questions will only answered in a structured environment within official Q&A’s
  • Regular blogs from Jez covering current industry topics
  • Regular Q&As and blogs with senior members of the FunFair team including Jez

We strongly believe that this is in the best interests of all parties in the long term as we continue to work towards making FunFair Technologies a success.