We’re pleased to announce the world’s fastest blockchain-based Roulette game. The game can be played using “test Ether” – have a go here: showcase.funfairlive.wpengine.com.

Using our breakthrough Fate Channels technology, FunFair delivers the fastest, most cost-effective, fun, and fair online casino games.

In addition to beautiful hi-res graphics, the new FunFair Roulette game has the lowest fees (gas costs) paid per transaction. Players only pay at the beginning and end of each session – not each roll of the dice like most other games. As a result, players can receive the biggest profits without delays or withdrawal fees – even during long sessions that most players prefer.

Players will need “test Ether” to play the new Roulette game. In due course we will issue free, test versions of our FUN tokens to play our games. FUN tokens power every aspect of the FunFair gaming platform.

We’d love to hear your feedback; please join the FunFair Community group on Discord #showcase-feedback if you haven’t already. You can register at discord.gg/rwETqSP.

Thank you,

Jeremy Longley
Co-Founder & CTO
FunFair Technologies