Delivering on Optimism – research and development team showcase how to scale on Ethereum.

FunFair Labs is thrilled with the announcement from ETHGlobal today that our team is taking home $7,000 in prizes for their multiplayer trading simulation game running on the Optimism chain. 

The virtual Hackathon saw over 100 teams compete for $45,500 across several categories to provide the best scaling solution for ethereum.

Entrants began developing their projects on the 20th of April, concluding on the deadline of the 9th of May. The team submitted their real-time multiplayer game where players try to predict where a random stock price will head by placing tokens on the graph, all performed on-chain without spending excessive ETH on gas costs.

The “Lab Rats” team consisting of Josh Stevens, Dane Wiid, Steve Clark, Paul Jackman, and Mark Ridgwell were awarded their prize within the Optimism category alongside other winners, Zeneth, TrollBridge, Cross Rollup O(1) Messaging, Elmo, Devolution, Popcorn, and  ETH-Sorbet.

Oli Hopton, FunFair CTO, said, “We are incredibly proud of the team. It’s never easy to perform in a pressure cooker situation, but the Lab Rats excelled. The speeds that they could write transactions on Optimism were so impressive we are now looking to build support into our own wallet.

Following the Hackathon, the team has returned to work on other blockchain projects such as the FunFair Labs latest in-game asset game, Wreckless Racers. However, they are committed to returning next year to defend their title

To view the Lab Rats entry and others in the hackathon, please visit the ETHGlobal site.