Our Development team is continually researching and building experimental concepts to identify how we can bring decentralised solutions to the gaming ecosystem. With the introduction of labs, we have a place to showcase and encourage two-way communication and collaboration between the team and the community.

The first game on showcase will be ‘Payloads’, our first game built on xDai. Thanks to our recent live stream, we invited members of the community to an exclusive first demo. This latest game allows players to experience real-time, multiplayer gaming, using the visual and immersive style users expect from FunFair Technologies.

During this stream, the team welcomed any feedback from the community.  Suggestions included features such as live chat, an emoji system, and the ability to see previous round wins. The team has updated the game and welcomes further suggestions on Payloads and future game developments as they are released. 

We are delighted to announce that our new game will also be in action at the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) Game Demo Day this Friday at 3pm GMT.

We also took this launch as a chance to give the FunFair site a facelift – a fresh look with a focus on all our iGaming & Blockchain products, including our Wallet, FunFair Games, Platform and now FunFair Labs.

So, be sure to check out the new homepage and visit this Friday to experience free to play blockchain gaming.