In the latest release from FunFair Labs, the team delivered Tic Tac Toe in glorious 80’s neon.

Built on Solana, our team, whose previous experience centred around Ethereum, wanted to take on the challenge of experimenting with a new blockchain. Providing different tooling, a new coding language, and a fresh take to writing programs (smart contracts).

For this experiment, the team wanted to test the functionality and performance, particularly the blockchains speed and decentralisation in a multiplayer setting.

After experimenting with the speed found on public nodes, the team decided the WebSocket notifications to be a bit too slow and launched ‘Tic Tac Toe’ on FunFairs own validator.

Combining Solana’s neon colours, the beautiful California sunset and the fast Ferrari Testarossa, witness the design of the ’80s with today’s technology.  

Simply follow the link below, select your Solana compatible wallet and try your hand against another player! 

Try ‘Tic Tac Toe’ now.

To learn more about our experiences with Solana, visit our blog: ‘Does Solana live up to the hype?‘.