FunFair Technologies is proud to announce that we’ve localised our Guaranteed Fair™ gaming platform into Japanese. Previously only available in English, Japanese is the first localised language available on our technology.

Why Japanese? When we discussed plans for localisation with our partners, it was highlighted straight away that our unique blockchain gaming technology would be a great fit for Japanese players and there’s a number of reasons why. Firstly, Japan is one of the few regulated cryptocurrency markets and is home to some of the most experienced blockchain players globally. It’s has a sizable audience who are tech-savvy, young, affluent and totally in alignment with the Guaranteed Fair™ principles of our core technology. Whether that be our games, wallet, platform and how we guarantee fairness not just for players but for affiliates, game providers and operators alike, all the indicators highlighted that Japanese was the best starting language for us.

Echoing that, Fred Kessler, CPO at FunFair Technologies Europe Ltd, said: “We had been advised by our partners for a while that Japan is a great market due to its regulatory framework around cryptocurrency. The Japanese authorities have been advocates of how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will encourage growth. In fact, JPY is the second largest traded currency against Bitcoin after USD and this makes it an excellent choice for our first platform localisation.

We’re really looking forward to the increased engagement with this new addition to FunFairs’ product proposition, we continue to push our product and technology forward with our aim to bring blockchain technology to the masses and to the forefront of gaming entertainment”