The FunFair Wallet is here! We’re excited to announce the launch of our pioneering crypto wallet and new user interface which now supports any browser and any device.


The ERC20, non-custodial FunFair Wallet has been developed specifically to provide a seamless user experience for existing and new players gambling with FUN across our CasinoFair and Crypto Casino brands, markinga significant step forward in the name of blockchain mass adoption.


Blockchain projects have to-date struggled with onboarding friction due to complicated funding mechanisms, security features which differ significantly to mainstream offerings and a lack of usability on mobile devices and certain browsers.


Our wallet addresses these issues with the introduction of more identifiable sign-up processes and security features, while most importantly ensuring the wallet can run on any browser and any device without the need for anythird-party plug-ins or apps.


Players will also experience a far more immersive, social and Guaranteed Fair casino environment with an updated front-end, offering more intuitive access to their favourite casino games coupled with the most generous and varied promotions in blockchain casino.


Our founder, Jez San OBE, said: “Since launch, we’ve maintained our position as the most progressive blockchain casino provider and the launch of the bespoke FunFair Wallet and second generation platform interface will confirm this position as we strive for mass adoption.


“Onboarding has been a struggle across the wider decentralised sector but our new wallet, built specifically for use at our partner casinos, will fix this immediately with a seamless, recognisable sign-up process, straightforward security features and simple crypto funding choices.”

FunFair’s first live casino brand, CasinoFair, has also relaunched its brand identity in-line with the new wallet and UI. It now features a more vibrant and progressive aesthetic which is expected to appeal to the millennial blockchain audience, while also staying true to its ‘Famous for Fairness’ foundations which underpin every aspect of its gaming experience.


You can try the new wallet and user interface live now at CasinoFair and Crypto Casino, or try it on Showcase here.