Why FunFair?

FunFair will solve the key issues facing every gaming operator. Combine zero outages, zero servers and zero fraud with the best game content, the lowest costs, access to new markets and expert technical support, and it’s easy to see how FunFair will help businesses fulfill their potential.

Low cost

Our blockchain technology renders traditional web infrastructure obsolete. No server racks. No hosting. No fuss.

Simple setup

The ability to create a new branded casino in a few clicks or integrate our products into your existing website, then rely on our team for ongoing support.

Ultra secure

Decentralised software means game code and data will be completely secure, tamper-proof and publicly auditable.

User focused

Our platform will deliver fast, fun and provably fair gaming on any device in any language. Exactly what 21st century gamers demand.

Reduce your overheads

Setup costs and ongoing operating costs will be dramatically lower on the FunFair platform. We will make sure help is at hand from our technical and business support teams, so your casino could be live in just a few clicks. With no servers, and payments automated by smart contracts, large staff and infrastructure costs are a thing of the past.

Integrate easily

We’ve experienced the good and bad of third party software integration, so we know how important it is to provide great support. With our help, you will be able to add our games to your site quickly and smoothly. Choose FunFair as your gaming technology provider and you won’t even need our end-to-end support. But it’ll be there for you anyway.

Build trust

With the astonishing power of provably fair games and instant, guaranteed cashouts, FunFair helps you build a lasting, positive relationship with your customers. Greater trust means increased loyalty, better retention and longer lifespans.

Excite & inspire

Provable fairness is the future, enabling online casinos to compete with land-based rivals and attract new players to digital gaming. But it’s not enough on its own. Our team has decades of experience creating games played by millions. With cutting edge graphics and the latest innovations, we’ll ensure every game on the FunFair platform exceeds your expectations.

We’ve done it before

Led by visionary tech entrepreneur Jez San, the FunFair team knows a thing or two about online gaming. Now, with the transformative power of blockchain technology and our own Fate Channels solution, we’ll be taking over the world once again.

Meet the team