“FunFair isn’t about complicated tech or crypto buzzwords. It’s about creating the perfect casino experience. Faster payments. Better games. No need to be confident you’re getting a fair deal. Now you can be certain.”David Greyling, Chief Operating Officer

Why we’re unique


With the immersive graphics and innovative features, casino games on the FunFair platform will blow your mind.


Being provably fair doesn’t mean you have to compromise anywhere else. Our games play as fast as you can.


Thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts, our games are provably fair and cashouts are paid instantly, whatever the amount.


FunFair casinos do not hold your funds, so from your wallet to wager and back, you’re always in complete control.

You’re in control

Decentralised technologies like Ethereum were born out of the need for greater data security, more openness and fewer third parties (along with the costs they add). Thanks to FunFair’s serverless platform, its use of a public ledger and verifiable smart contracts, we’ve removed the risk of human error or interference entirely. No delays. No doubts. No fuss.

Fair, open and honest

Playing at traditional casinos require faith in people you haven’t met and code you haven’t read. That’s what regulators, audits and licences are for. With games you can easily verify and instant, escrowed payments automated by the blockchain, FunFair gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Built for you

Although FunFair is a technology provider to the casino industry, we’re building our platform and games with only one person in mind. You. Our mission is to give you the ultimate casino experience – the best games, the fastest payments and total trust. That’s what makes FunFair the most fun.

Ready to roll

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