You’d expect fairness in gambling to be a given, but too many casinos have taken too many liberties of late. Fortunately, with our Guaranteed Fair® technology, we’ve levelled the gambling playing field to give players a fair go again.

We hear you

71% of you don’t think gambling is fair and can be trusted. In fact, 8% of you don’t trust online casinos in any sense of the word. We get it. We know that you’re looking for something more from your casino, but too many don’t seem to care.

Are casinos really fair?

Almost half of respondents think that trustworthiness is key to a successful casino operation, and even more than half of you think provably fair technology is the way to deliver that trust.

We hear you. And that’s why we’re giving you Guaranteed Fair® gaming experiences at all FunFair Technologies-powered casinos.

What is Guaranteed Fair®?

We’ve changed how casinos operate from the ground up, ensuring players get the fairest deal in every aspect of the gaming experience.

This isn’t marketing bluster, Guaranteed Fair® runs at the heart of everything we do. Whichever partner casino you’re playing at, you can be sure it will be using our superior technology to shift the power from the casino, to the player.

So, what does Guaranteed Fair® actually mean? In short, it’s the technology we use to guarantee players the ultimate fair gaming experience. But with it working on so many levels, here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Keep control

There’s simply no way of verifying wins and losses when casinos keep players in the dark with their ‘black box’ remote gaming servers.

We give players ultimate transparency. Our platform ensures that random events are seeded by both the player and the house. Neither can influence the whole event, giving the peace of mind that every event was as it should have been.

Instant payouts

Your winnings shouldn’t be at the mercy of the casino to payout when it chooses. Your winnings should be your winnings, when you win. Simple as that.

When you play with us, your funds and any potential winnings are held in escrow until the session ends, when your winnings are returned, immediately.

Provably fair games

Some casinos claim to be ‘provably fair’, but in reality, it’s just that, a claim. And it’s only one part of what makes the whole gambling experience fair.

We’ve guaranteed fairness through randomness, payments and control, so you can play the ultimate casino slots, table games and crypto classics knowing that you can’t be cheated.

Unrivalled FUN

Our $FUN token has been designed to work with the fairest smart contract technology to deliver the fastest and easiest blockchain gambling experience.

Coupled with our game-changing FunFair Wallet, you’ll spend less time on complex crypto transactions and more time gambling on the best games on the block.

Truly fair, decentralised online gaming

We were founded on the idea that we can create a better online gaming industry for all. And leveraging blockchain technology, we have delivered an ecosystem that puts the player back in control.

We’re offering a viable alternative to an industry that takes players for granted. We’re taking the power back from the casinos and redistributing it, via the blockchain, to you, the player.

The traditional casino has had its day, so we’d like to offer you a fork in the road. A route to a world of fairer, decentralised online gaming, where you can play at the next-generation of casinos with the peace of mind that all is as it should be: Guaranteed Fair®.