Friday 22 June 2018 marked the first year anniversary of FunFair’s Token Sale. After a whirlwind 12 months we asked staff members to share their highlights.


First up it’s 3D Artist Steve Ollife who has been part of the Art Dev team since the early days:

“Picking highlights from my year at FunFair is actually a rather difficult challenge,  I genuinely really enjoy my job here and love being such a key creative in the Art Dev team.  I get to devote time and passion into each asset I create, that in itself is a real pleasure. To see this hard work come together with the launch of our live BETA was incredibly rewarding,  to finally see people playing on games created by the art dev team and to hear such positive feedback on it all has been very fulfilling as an artist.”


Elsewhere our Creative Director Laurence McDonald says it’s all about our impressive growth following our Token Sale:

“Since the Token Sale, we’ve learned and expanded rapidly in all areas of the company – when I started there was only five or six others! There’s always something in the works being planned or developed, and it’s a very exciting space to be in, especially as we’re so involved in an ever changing market.”

“The Token Sale success was probably the highlight as it proved we had a working product, which at the time and in many cases since, has been the only one to do so and not rely on ambitious empty statements. Seeing the company expand in a structured and not out of control manner, maintaining a friendly, professional spirit throughout has also been great to see. Many companies can grow too quickly or instil unnecessary structures that impact productivity or communication. The degree of openness and transparency internally is reflected to investors, partners and the public, which is rare and refreshing.”



FunFair staff celebrate the one year anniversary


Developer Will Master has also been part of the FunFair team during our first year and he’s picked out the below highlights:

“Learning to work with blockchain, the most exciting technology since the Internet(!) has been amazing and working as part of an incredibly talented and friendly team has made it that much more enjoyable. Every day we are solving problems that no one has solved before in order to build a world first product.”


We’ll give the final word to our COO David Greyling, who summed up the optimism surrounding the next 12 months at FunFair HQ:

“Seeing the team grow has brought some great collaborative work and it’s becoming clear how exciting the future will be.”