FunFair Technologies has added to its ‘VIP’ game offering with the release of Baccarat VIP.

The casino classic has been given the VIP treatment with a plush new table baize and increased wagering opportunities. Players can now bet up to 50,000 FUN per hand allowing for pay-outs of up to 450,000 FUN.

With Baccarat proving popular at FunFair’s own casino CasinoFair, ranking number one for wagering over the last three months, it’s hoped that the new VIP version will appeal to those players who enjoy playing at higher stakes.


Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer, said: “Our players have been enjoying playing high stakes Blackjack with our VIP version, so we’ve given Baccarat the same treatment.  Baccarat is a casino classic and one of the perennial favourites here at FunFair, so we’re very proud to introduce Baccarat VIP to our portfolio.

We’ve given the game a classy, high roller feel and raised the stakes to appeal to players across the world who want to bet big. We look forward to increasing our list of VIP titles in the future!”


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