What did we get up to at ICE, you ask? Here’s our ICE 2018 round up 


Last week it was all hands on deck for our first big unveiling to the industry. Here’s a quick round-up of our three days at ICE.  Also check our video update HERE!

It’s worth a reminder that ICE Totally Gaming is the world’s largest gambling conference, filling two huge halls at ExCel London (some 100,000 sq metres in floor space). It attracts 600 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors from over 150 countries – in short it’s big and everyone who’s anyone in the gambling world is there.

We used the opportunity to launch the FunFair Technology brand to the gambling industry and set out to achieve the following goals:

  1. Raise awareness of FunFair amongst the gambling industry
  2. Educate the industry about the blockchain and how they can benefit from it
  3. Showcase our demo 
  4. Generate leads with which to follow up, especially amongst operators and game developers

With a great spot on the show floor, our stand was our main means to achieve these goals. We set out to create something that was in line with what we’re offering, showed off our tech and could easily be found by visitors as well as attracting passers by and we think it did a pretty good job.

We worked with London events agency BrandFuel  who specialise in everything tech, including working with Google on a global scale.

We included three demos (from left to right) including:

  1. What is blockchain – A looping video explaining what the blockchain is, how it works, and how it is impacting other industries. Check this out HERE!
  2. What are we doing with blockchain – A touchscreen display showing the benefits FunFair’s blockchain offers to Players, Operators, Game Developers and Affiliates. We will be refreshing the website with these value propositions shortly so keep an eye out for this!
  3. Everything in action – The FunFair games demo with an animation running in sync, showing what is actually happening between the player and the operator, including the interactions with the Ethereum blockchain, smart contract, games contract and Fate channel. We are currently adapting this demo for the web and we will be distributing it shortly, so something else to look out for!

With the industry at our fingertips, we took the opportunity to do a bit of research amongst this group and got the following results:

  • How much did you know about blockchain before visiting the stand?

Nothing 5%
Very Little 20%
A little 45%
A lot 29%

  • What do you think are the most important benefits of the blockchain?

Fairness 23%
Security 20%
Innovation 31%
Reduced costs 26%

  • How long before you think you will consider using the blockchain?

Within 1 year 53%
Within 2 years 28%
Within 5 years 18%

From a marketing standpoint we managed our goal of further educating the industry about blockchain through the use of PR, social and speaking opportunities.  We conducted a number of meetings with the trade press with further interviews to follow. We will also have some other exciting news to share in terms of our PR activity shortly.

We sent more than 30 pieces of social media content across all of our channels with an increased focus on the gambling industry. We were also really pleased to see the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) further demand the industry to become fairer and safer.

To top it off, Jez spoke on two panels during the show, both hosted by our very own advisor Melissa Blau. The first of these two was a Meet the Operators panel, which took place on Wednesday and was part of a day dedicated to blockchain and gaming. We have shared some clips from this panel already and will be sending some more over the next few weeks. The second panel was focused on ICOs in the gaming space where Jez managed to share his experience in this topic with a crowded room.

It was a big three days and we were really happy with the turnout and reaction to what we’re offering. Aside from pre-arranged meetings, we estimate that we had well over 3,000 people visit the stand, and from these we captured over 300 participants’ details and signed them up to our newsletter or industry blockchain club.

Needless to say we will be following up with the most promising of these leads as well as a whole series of meetings we pre-arranged to have at the event.

ICE 2018 was an excellent experience for us. Not only was it a great platform for our debut, but it also facilitated some great introductions. We’re just getting started, so watch this space for more updates!