We’ve collated some of the main topics covered by Jez in the last week across our Telegram and Discord communities.


Fair&Fun: Jez said yesterday he would see if they can just provide a list of the countries their current licenses cover

FunFair-James: Not a simple answer to that question I’m afraid. The Curacao licence specifically prohibits a few territories (US, Netherlands, France, Netherlands Antilles) the rest of the world is then subject to an analysis of local licensing requirements/legislation. For example the UK, being a fully regulated jurisdiction, requires a local licence and the Curacao licence would not suffice.

I mentioned this the other day but this is an overview of the process that you go through as an Operator:

1) Operators will be licensed somewhere (the more credible the regulator the better)

2) Operators will then conduct a risk assessment of accepting customers from each territory (looking at the law, the applicability of the law to them and the enforcement appetite of the territory in question)

3) Operators will on that basis prepare an argument that what they are doing is not illegal.


fabio: now that version 1 of ff is out whats the main focus on now?

FunFair-Oliver: For the dev side, immediate focus is the acquisition funnel. Making sure we know at what point during the process people drop out, installing Metamask, getting FunPass, getting ETH, getting FUN. So we can be sure we concentrate resource on the right bits and making each of those steps as easy as possible.

Then in the background, games, fundamentals, operator facing admin site (FunFigurator as it was once called), affiliates likely some elements will be more integrated – but it’s also important that users understand that some things aren’t “the casino”, like FunPass. this probably ends up “in” the casino site, but obviously different.


Fair&Fun: Hey guys. Congrats on the launch. Couple questions for what is next.

What are your top near-term priorities now that the product is live?

FunFair-Jez: Highest priority is to add more countries  and then some localisation (languages) to make some countries more effective.  Then, get the analytics engine working so we can do proper digital marketing, get better FUN acquisition methods (Airswap, and others).  Quite a bit of the above will happen before RTR launches their first casino (this quarter).

Is there an update on Fundamentals?

FunFair-Jez: We’re using Fundamentals internally and its really handy.  It makes some nice charts. I’m keen to get it released as soon as possible. Though I think they’re holding it back while they do some tweaks to the fate channel tech and the fundamentals app will be affected so they want to release both simultaneously.  

There were some comments about additional token listings. Obviously Coinbase would be great but I know a lot of people are likely chasing Coinbase listings. Do you think that one is likely or near-term?

FunFair-Jez: We’ll for sure work on the Coinbase listing… It’s 10 pages long of questions, and some of them require a legal opinion of your tokens utility status, in each of the countries that they ask for (presumably they’re going to allow country specific trading of tokens!).  We’ll definitely work on filling in their form but it does require a lot of legal work to comply.

The other way to get onto Coinbase is to be higher up the Coinmarketcap charts, and hopefully that will happen as adoption increases of casinos and players and the token will be naturally traded more.  Ironically, one of the things that people complain about here, the founder token unlock, will also help the token climb up the Coinmarketcap charts, so that might have a bigger than expected contribution to the Coinbase listing criteria.


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