Their background.

What sorts of skills do you have? 

Originally I headed over from NZ way back in 2005 where I had run some low-level marketing, involving CRM for B2B businesses and building some websites for showcasing products.

Once I arrived in the UK I worked for Commission Junction, the world’s largest affiliate company and delivered affiliate campaigns for some of the UK largest brands including Argos, TUI and Paddy Power. I gained experience in quite a few aspects of traffic generation, having worked with incentive, PPC, email, SEO, and software publishers to gain sales for my clients.

I then moved into a more technical driven role where I would hot desk at my client’s offices providing them expertise in implementing ad serving software for tracking and measurement. This allowed their digital marketing teams insight as to how to spend their marketing budget effectively. I would provide these services for social agencies like TBG and gambling clients like Betfair.  

Following this role, I moved to Experian where I helped grow their newly acquired social marketing platform and ultimately their digital team.  We were working with exclusive Experian data sets such as credit and affluence to overlay this data to our client’s campaigns. We worked with financial clients such as MBNA (Bank of America) and gambling clients including Coral.

Finally looking forward to getting involved in the start-up world, I moved to a blockchain-based company called TokenMarket where I provided marketing for time-sensitive ICO campaigns and had to work to tight deadlines. 

So in summary, I have a skill set very centred in digital marketing, both from acquisition, retention and technical background. 

What industries have you worked in- any related to cryptocurrency and blockchain? 

As above, my first experience was working during the ICO boom with TokenMarket. What I enjoyed about this role was being exposed to a range of different business models and ideas. During the time I worked there I found a lot of people were attempting to use blockchain in ways that didn’t make sense (of which we wouldn’t work with.). But they genuinely were some great projects that have real consumer or business benefits.  It was great to delve in and see what people were trying to do with this new technology. 

Educational background, if any?

I studied E-commerce and Marketing at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Their position at FunFair Technologies.

What do you do for FunFair? 

I am the Head of Marketing for B2C, or to put it simply I look after marketing for CasinoFair.

What is the role you play in the company? How do you contribute to the project? 

My goal is to look after acquisition and retention for CasinoFair. This is a wide range, as it involves the advertising, onboarding information, content generation, promotional strategy and execution, CRM methodology to name just a few areas.

How long have you been with the company?

I am fairly new having been here just over 3 months.



In just three words, how would you explain FunFair Technologies? 

Exciting, cutting-edge, fun.

What excites you about the “right now” of FunFair Technologies? 

I am a bit of a data geek, so getting into the numbers excites me. Understanding that or new early life email program is getting a CTR of over 20% is fantastic. Testing subject lines to show that last week’s email entitled “Bye Bye Gas” got a 68% better open rate than the alternative. All these little pieces of insight and adjustments are slowly improving the user experience and should translate into players as we continually update our marketing as we learn.

What singular development are you eager to see accomplished?

I am currently working on a better CRM system for VIP players and users to better understand their needs and ultimately deliver against them. It’s very early days as it’s going to be a big project. But nothing worthwhile was ever easy!

The process.

What does a day in the office look like for the company? 

Well at the moment, it looks very much like my kitchen thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown. So currently it’s a bit different from the first few months I was here. But the working week starts by looking at the numbers, what channels are driving what traffic. Are some converting to players but only playing once, are some never converting and should we turn that traffic down or should we turn it up. That gives us some immediate actions for our partners.

From there we have our ongoing and immediate tasks, organised by priority on our Trello board. I check in with the team as to if they need support, and immediate actions for the week and then we get to work on the actions.

I have several check-ins with other departments, for example, the CEO, CTO and CPO to check things like funnel metrics (are people getting stuck during sign up), or simply what backlog features I may need from dev to name a few. 

I look to push through my actions on the Trello board during the week. We have recently released our onboarding video for example and I have been heavily involved in that as one of many tasks.

Fridays are spent going over the Trello, planning for the following week to make sure content and promos are being stuck to based on the team calendar. 

What is happening right now at FunFair Technologies, in your view? 

Lots! The team seems to be working on several aspects on the platform. The big one for me simply is the education piece, telling someone you are a blockchain casino is interesting, but it isn’t why they care. They care due to instant payouts, the guaranteed fairness due to the transparent nature of the platform. People need to understand this to then want to play these games. A lot of my team’s work has been around this and we are getting better. But it’s not a single update to get there. 

What are some long term targets and/or goals you’d love to see tackled? 

As above the CRM piece is huge for me, plus the personalisation across the site, so each user gets a custom version of the platform tailored to them. But these involve technical changes which with the implementation of the death of gas + FIAT onramps there are only so many things we can do at once.

What’s your favourite thing about working for a start-up company?

The freedom to test, change and be adaptable. Larger companies I have worked for in the past have loads of red tape. I wouldn’t have achieved a third of the things I have here in some of my previous companies due to the corporate nature of them.


The daily.

How do YOU start your day?

Checking the numbers, be it emails, be it display campaigns, or simply GA and funstats. I like to see what we are working with and have there been any changes. 

Could you give us an “inside scoop” on what your general tasks are throughout the day?

A bit of everything, reporting, content strategy, creation and execution, CRM, User testing. I think that’s true of most startups though. There isn’t an average day. It’s just what needs to be done. 

What are your favourite things about coming into work?

Currently, it’s the commute. It’s pretty quick, all 6 steps from my bedroom. 

What is one thing you’d consider your least favourite?

I do miss the office environment, cycling to work and have a few people about – understandably it’s all for the greater good and the health of the population and essential services. But it doesn’t make it any easier. 

The monthly.

How do the conversations differ in monthly meetings?

It depends on the meeting of course, for example when looking at our onboarding process we look at the same numbers to compare apples to apples and weekly trends. But when it comes to marketing planning sessions then this is a lot more fluid as we look at different promos, what have we tried before, what can we try and what simply is not possible without a bit of dev work.

How do your ongoing tasks change or vary every month?

Depending on the project. Last month it was onboarding, this month it is going to be Adobe integration. Each requires very different elements and teams to work with. Of course, my ultimate goal of increasing DAU and MAU doesn’t change, so reporting and insights on the top line don’t differ and these tasks should be improving these overall.


Having FUN.

What are some of the things you do for fun outside of the workplace?

I love cycling and building my own bikes, I am currently building myself a Santa Cruz hardtail and just took delivery of some new Race Face cranks for installation this weekend. However when not working on the new bike I am cycling. I recently did 100km over the weekend (while maintaining social distancing rules of course).

How many FUN-related puns have you made in the last year?

As I have only been here for 3 months, not as many as others, however, I was pretty pleased with my “set phasers to FUN” pun in the newsletter the other week!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

My wife would say the funniest thing is the terrible beard I am sporting thanks to my claim I would shave once out of lockdown. I think it makes me look quite distinguished though.

Words of wisdom.

What is your favourite quote?

Trouble knocked at the door, but, hearing laughter, hurried away

What is your life’s motto?

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

What’s the last thing you really geeked out about?

Playstation 5 controller announcement (I know, terrible).