January update from the FunFair Team

1. Kicking off 2018

2. Product

3. Regulation

4. Marketing

1. Kicking off 2018

With the New Year behind us we arrived back at our Camden Office on the 2nd January and you could sense the excitement and energy in the air.

Three very busy weeks into 2018 and the buzz continues with new starters coming on-board in what feels like a daily event.

We’ve scoured the earth and found some amazing talent to join the FunFair Team, bringing lots of fresh ideas, enthusiasm, knowledge and plenty of laughter to our Camden Hub.

3 weeks and 9 new starters filling the ranks in Game Design, Product Development x 2, HR, Office Management, Project Management, Strategy & Finance. Yep, we’ve been busy – and there is plenty more to come!

FunFair’s talented team is now 38 people, and rising fast!

Zuz, our new HR manager, can’t wait to share our profiles so watch this space..

2. Product

Enhancement of existing games to support the Fate Channel scaling technology continues. We’re still learning a lot about writing game logic in smart contracts and we continue to refine the Fate Channels tech and add features as we go. We’ve also been doing a lot of work on packaging which will enable individual games and other platform components to be updated independently. Work is also underway on the casino configuration and admin tool, where we’re making good progress.

Our build processes continues to mature, particularly for contract code. We’ve got automated builds running for these, with a comprehensive suite of unit tests covering all our game contracts.

If you didn’t already catch CTO Jeremy Longley’s Part 1 explanation of the Turing Complete state channel tech that we’ve built, read it here: https://funfair.io/approach-turing-complete-state-channels-part-1/ – Jeremy promises that Part 2 should be along soon.

Look out for a showcase update in time for ICE.

3. Regulation

We’re in the final throes of preparing our application for a UK Gambling Commission remote software development licence and this will be submitted in the next few days. We’re often asked about the time scales for determination of the application which sadly we can’t definitely answer however the Gambling Commission gives a blanket commitment to 16 weeks for all applications. (This does not have a bearing on launch.)

With regards to other jurisdictions: we’re meeting the Malta Gaming Authority (the MGA) at ICE to discuss the details of our participation in their DLT/Cryptocurrency regulatory sandbox project and we’re continuing to pursue DLT licensure in Gibraltar.

Having attended the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange event here in London last week, and seen the territory’s plans to embrace blockchain technologies in their legislative framework, we remain convinced that our strategy to lodge licence applications with tier 1 regulators, including Gibraltar, will put us on a robust legal footing to offer our services to operators from around the globe.

4. Marketing

We are also in the latter stages of preparing our presence at ICE, the world’s largest gambling industry convention that is being held in London between the 6th and 8th of February.

We will be exhibiting alongside some of the world’s largest gaming suppliers covering all aspects of both the digital and land-based industry. We’re not aware of any other blockchain gaming companies having made the significant investment to have a presence on the show floor at ICE. We believe that ICE presents a unique opportunity for us to engage directly with the gaming industry while focussing on the education of the benefits of blockchain gaming technology.

Most importantly our presence will enable us to introduce the FunFair brand to the industry, position ourselves as thought leaders in the blockchain space as well of course as showcasing the FunFair demo and generating lots of leads.

Jez will also be talking on a panel alongside other blockchain gaming execs at the IceVox blockchain seminar taking place in the same venue and at the same time as ICE. We will share more info as we get closer to the date and also from the event itself. If you are planning on being there we are on stand N7-212 – come say hi!

OK, that’s it for now folks. Next update during and post ICE – wish us luck!

Thanks for reading!

David Greyling & the FunFair Team