As we’ve discussed over the last few months and outlined on our roadmap, making improvements to our onboarding journey and in particular, our KYC process on registration, has been a key priority.


We’ve listened to player and community feedback and been busy in development building the next version of our KYC procedure. And it’s now live! It’s much faster, simpler and more integrated than previously, and we’re confident it will allow for a significantly improved conversion rate from potential player/site-visitor to live, active user.


Email verification stage


So, what’s new?

  • We’ve successfully integrated Trulioo into FunPass, drastically simplifying the KYC onboarding process.
  • We’ve made various iterations to the user journey to ensure KYC is clearer than ever.




Who are Trulioo?

  • Trulioo is one of the leading global identity verification providers, headquartered out of Vancouver, Canada. They provide instant electronic identity and business verification for five billion people and 250 million companies worldwide. Find more info here.

This means:

  • There is no longer a requirement for users to download external apps and no need to go outside the FunPass site to verify face scans and documentation.
  • Players only need to verify their email address and input the necessary personal information required to start playing at any FunFair casino.
  • Players will be able to start playing at their chosen casino much faster than before with the new process bypassing the frustrations and complexity that’s often associated with onboarding in the crypto space.
  • In fact, the new integration of Trulioo and simplification across the board will reduce FunPass sign up times to under five minutes, compared to the c. 20-25 minutes of our first version.

Anything else?

  • Yoti registration will still be used in those jurisdictions where they have greater coverage than Trulioo. Offering multiple KYC providers, as FunPass was designed to do, will give both ourselves and partners the choice to offer the best and most relevant casino experiences to their players.
  • KYC v2 has launched in Canada and there will now be a progressive rollout to other accepted territories.


All data entered on-site


The new KYC process along with our upcoming wallet launch will be significant steps forward in opening our platform up to a vast audience of new players around the world.

We’re confident the conversion funnel will greatly improve on the back of it and we’ll continue to take on feedback and make tweaks to ensure the new process is the best it can be.

Those in accepted territories and yet to sign up for a FunPass can do so now at our first live casino, CasinoFair.


The FunFair Team