Research and Development Completes on Payloads

Earlier in the year, the FunFair Labs team set a goal to deliver a multiplayer game on an L2 or side chain solution. 

This task was significant as it was a departure from the Fate Channels that FunFair had pioneered in 2017. Multiplayer concepts had been challenging to produce due to the technology’s limitations in the past. 

Oliver Hopton, FunFair CTO, said at the time, “Multiplayer games have been requested several times by our players, and thanks to faster and cheaper blockchains, we can now explore this concept”.

Payloads, the first research project from FunFair labs, was delivered on March 26th via the Blockchain Gaming Alliance Demo Day. Users wishing to experience multiplayer gaming on the L2 solution, xDai, can do so via The Labs site found here.

Fred Kessler, CPO, commented, “Delivering Payloads was a great first experiment for the Labs. We changed our development approach but also removed many of the imposed restrictions set by our previous platform running on Ethereum, allowing us to develop on xDai and experiment further”.

While there are no plans to commercialise this first effort, having completed their R&D goal, the team are looking towards the next challenge.

Labs next steps

Several R&D projects and a proof of concept have already begun within the Labs. Various technologies, new concepts for games and other blockchains, sidechains and platforms (Matic, Solana, Flow, Optimism and others) are being investigated. 

The next game will remain a multiplayer experiment built on Blockchain technology but will depart from gambling style games and focus on entertainment value. The goal is to leverage in-game assets using blockchain technology to create additional interest and activity between players but remaining in line with FunFair’s focus on trustless applications. 

The team is currently spending time on identifying which Blockchain or sidechain solution best fits the experiment’s needs and will be narrowing down selections in the coming weeks. 

FunFair Labs will share updates on progress with the FunFair community as milestones are delivered.