The FunFair marketing team of Stefan Kovach, Sam Wright and Andrew Riley took part in the first ever live team chat with community members, answering questions on all things marketing.


To save you the bother of scrolling through our Discord and Telegram channels, we’ve collated the main topics covered for you below.

The next team to face questions from the FunFair community will be the Dev team led by Oli Hopton. This will take place on Reddit between 14.00 and 16.00 on Wednesday 9th May and we’ll announce how you can get involved the day before.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions and got involved with the team chat.


When will we see the first casino using Fun tokens?

Andrew: It will depend on the success of the upcoming live beta, if that proves successful then we’re hoping to launch soon after.


Are you guys planning on heavily ramping up the marketing / hype / shill of FUNFAIR to players once Beta goes live? As right now there doesn’t seem to be much beyond the twitter account, here and telegram?

Stefan: [Our] main efforts are focused on marketing to the casino industry to create a pipeline of leads to use the platform. The closed beta is a key milestone in this process and we will be keeping the community and wider gaming world informed as to its progress.


Does that mean you won’t really be increasing any marketing or information drives to normal crypto gamers? Keeping the community and wider gaming world informed, doesn’t sound like an change at all to the current marketing strategy or indicate and increased exposure of FUN

Stefan: We take the community very seriously and do and will invest dollars, people power and time to ensuring that funfair and fun is at the forefront of the crypto world. We know there is more we can do and this is why we have recently grown the team to 3 people and have hired a new PR agency. From a player perspective this is going to be primarily the responsibility of the casinos who work with us but we are looking at ways to promote Fun and the benefits that our platform gives consumers.


When can we start to see an aggressive FF marketing campaign and over what mediums please?

Stefan: We have a two pronged marketing strategy which focuses on two key audiences; our prospective b2b partners and the crypto community. with both groups we will be primarily utilising live events, social/content and PR and have a full diary of initiatives coming up. it is important to remember we are a b2b and not a directly consumer facing brand so a lot of our marketing will be in trade press and direct to prospective customers.


Will FUN advertise in any of the following (or all!)
1. Casinos 2. Newspapers 3. Magazines 4. Billboards 5. Television 6. Internet 7. Merchandise 8. Sports stadiums (arguably billboards) 9. Sides of buses 10. Planes pulling huge banners saying “GO FUNFAIR!!”

Stefan: It is important to remember that we are a b2b brand and as such the casinos who work with us will primarily be responsible for marketing to consumers. Many of the mediums that you list are better suited to marketing to consumers than to casinos. We will primarily use social, PR, content, trade press, influencers, paid for online etc. But we might also look at some alternative marketing techniques too!


What is the remit of the Dynamo PR company you hired and have they actually started earning the FUN they were paid?  What is their area of focus?

Sam: Our PR agency have deep rooted expertise in the tech/gaming space and assist across the board where needed as well as with specific roles where we have priorities elsewhere. Their role changes day to day and has recently included media training, organisation of press ops and events. Their focus is B2B so as a customer, most of their work will be behind the scenes but they are definitely earning their FUN.


What will your presence at G2E Asia entail? Do you have meetings already scheduled?

Sam: We’ll be sending a senior team to G2E for the course of the show, where they’ll be meeting with prospective partners. The diary is already filling up but we’ll carry on adding bus dev and press ops when we can. Watch this space for some content while we’re out there.


Why would casinos WANT a provably fair system?  Why would they want to take away the house edge and the potential loss of profit?

Jez: The honest and genuine casinos arent trying to screw their customers. They want to attract customers, and if they provide guaranteed fair games, that will attract discerning players who want to play those games. Also, the tech is far lower cost to operate so the casinos margins are much better = more profitable since the dont need a huge bank of offshore servers when using funfair tech.

Also, regulators are pushing for more fairness. So, with push from regulators, and pull from players, we think casinos will see it as an opportunity to serve a new market – and everyone wins.


What’s the latest with the Roadmap? The current “reeee’ing” on /biz/ is that FUN doesn’t pump out announcements announcing an announcement enough, and that “nothing” has been happening for a few weeks

Stefan: We deliberately changed the way we do our roadmap so that we show the objectives we plan to achieve by quarter and only populate specific milestones when we are confident in the dates. We also like to stay on the right side of blowing our own trumpet by telling things like they are rather than falling foul of the massive hype many in the space are prone to doing.


When will head of games be revealed?

Sam: Our team’s growing fast and we’ll be looking to add to all areas, particularly our games department, so there’ll be a hire in this area when we’ve found the right candidate.


In the long term is it thought that Funfair will be developing the majority of games, or 3rd party devs? How are the marketing team reaching out to 3rd party devs?

Stefan: We expect to have a mix of in-house and 3rd party games but with the latter making up the majority over time. At this stage we are reaching out directly to game devs that we want and think will be receptive to working with us as we only need a handful initially to build out the processes and APIs to a point when we can start onboarding devs en mass. In the meantime we have specific propositions that we are pushing to game devs as part of our PR and live events activity.


What is the marketing plan in the upcoming months? How will you get the word out about FF beta? I ask because this is one of the few legit companies in the crypto space and yet most reddit posts go unnoticed and the only hype I have ever seen was last year and that came from 4chan of all places

Andrew: Our style has never been to overhype and instead focus on having an industry leading product ready to go to market with. That said, we are still working hard behind the scenes targeting operators and other B2B clients to educate them about what we are doing. Beta is a major step to having a live product and we’ll be making a song and dance about it across various outlets including (hopefully) influencers and press.


What audience demographic do you expect the casinos will be marketing? Young, old, crypto focused, etc

Andrew: Initially it will be to the crypto savvy audience who have or have shown interest in gambling previously – both young and old! Longer term the aim will be to educate and convert the less savvy over to the world of crypto and all its benefits.


Will the Marketing team assist Casino Operators in reaching out to to players or just targeting potential operators and leave customer acquisition to the casino?

Andrew: As a marketing team our aim is to inform as many people as we can about the benefits of our platform to players. This should hopefully have a knock on effect on driving players to casinos. However, primarily it will be down to the individual operators to attract players through their own marketing channels.


What can token holders to do assist in marketing?

Andrew: We obviously appreciate all the feedback our community provides on a daily basis from feedback on our showcase product to sharing latest news from the industry. We hope everyone who plays with FUN in a casino becomes an advocate of FUN and shares the benefits of using it as and when we are live.