FunFair’s marketing team of Stefan Kovach, Sam Wright and Andrew Riley answered questions from the community over on Reddit.


To save you the bother of scrolling through the whole AMA, we’ve collated the main topics covered for you below. (But if you do want to catch up on the whole thread you can do so here.)

Thanks to everyone who asked questions and got involved with the latest team chat.


smwill77: I know FunFair doesn’t plan to actually market the FunFair owned casino until live, but is an actual strategy in place once it does? Is the finger on the trigger ready to execute?

Andrew: We have a strategy in place and ready to execute once we have the green light. There will of course be different phases to the process and it will be a gradual increase as we learn more about the platform and user behaviour. It’s an exciting time for sure and we’re looking forward to seeing how current FUN community members react as well as the wider blockchain community too.


califreshed: How many people work in the Marketing Department? Since it has always been expressed that FunFair will not start marketing until a product is live, what have the team been doing until the product is live? Now FunFair have decided to run their own casino, what differences does this make to the Marketing team, in terms of marketing to customers instead of to Businesses? Does this require some new members to be brought on that are more in the know with B2C as opposed to B2B?

Andrew: There are currently three of us working across all things marketing (and often beyond!). All three of us bring vast experience from the online gambling industry and have worked across both B2B and B2C landscapes during our careers so we’re confident we have the skillset to deliver the requirements of the B2C arm of the business.

In terms of what we have been doing to date, it’s wide ranging and includes things such as organising and attending events/conferences, creating online and offline content, working with our PR agency to gain exposure for FunFair both within the industry and beyond and much, much more!


TheCryptomaniac1337: Do you have some sort of offline events roadmap for this and next year? Looking forward into seeing you guys live.

Sam: Being a B2B business, events are a key part of our business strategy. Having the key decision makers under one roof is a prime selling opportunity for us and our presence at the likes of ICE, WGES and G2E Asia to name a few has proven fruitful so far. With Jez and the team also appearing at many blockchain-focused events around the world too, we’re pleased with our activities so far.


In terms of an offline events roadmap going forward, our activities for next year are in motion and we’ll be finalising this in the next couple of weeks. We’ll try and share this with you as best we can, but being a busy, growing team, plans do change with priorities so we won’t be able to publish the entire list. What I will say is that we’ll be at the major ones you’ve seen us at so far, as well as many others. If there’s any individual events you’d like to see us at, get in touch on Discord etc. and we’ll let you know our plans or look into it if not already considered.


paardeworst: What is the route to market for mainstream adoption? And what does it take to realize this & in what time frame do you think this is possible?

Stefan: I believe that the route to mainstream adoption is through selective targeting, education and iteration. What I mean by this is as follows …


  1. Selective targeting. We will selectively target groups by the strength of their user case in relation to our product and value propositions. We believe at a top level this will mean the following groups in the following order; blockchain savvy gamblers, crypto savvy gamblers, crypto newbie gamblers, mass market gamblers. Within these broad groups there are likely several nuances including geography and resonance with specific value propositions.

  2. Education. There is a massive amount of work that we and the wider industry needs to undertake in terms of educating the market (all stakeholders). This should most logically follow the order as outlined under point 1.

  3. Iteration. As we learn which audiences we get traction with and what product features and value propositions resonate the best we need to iterate our marketing and where need be our product offering.

In terms of the time frame this will take we will get a much better steer on this once we have a bit of live time under our belt. So if you don’t mind I will update you on this in due course.


Jeroen0: What will be the name of the ff casino?

Andrew: The name/brand has been decided and we’re currently working on the design of the Welcome page and lobby for the new casino. It’s looking really smart from what I’ve seen and will hopefully resonate with online casino players. We’ll announce the name and brand pre-release so make sure you keep an eye on our community channels and website.