As ever, it’s been a busy few weeks here at FunFair. Since our last roadmap update we have released four new games, including yesterday’s launch of Electrobet, and unveiled our new, streamlined KYC solution which will be rolled out to new territories in the coming days.


More recently, Jez San and Stefan Kovach have been out at New York Blockchain Week in a focused research and business development capacity, and, all the while, it’s been diligent business as usual behind the scenes in the marketing and development departments as we ramp up for some major internal product launches.

The above work and increased marketing spend has seen a significant uptick in new users at CasinoFair. We still haven’t pushed marketing to the max as that’s linked to the continuing onboarding and marketing tools improvements being made on the platform.



We’re all excited for what’s still to come this quarter and beyond, with the likes of our MVP affiliates system going live, second casino launch, new website UI/UX and Wallet deep in development. However, with these posing some very complex challenges and solutions, we’ve had to review some timeframes by a couple of weeks, and we want to explain why.


RakeTheRake casino On track for Q2

The majority of the work is complete after a few additional alterations to the backend and funding accounts. However, we have decided to delay launch to June to ensure MVP Affiliates is up and running exactly as it should be after real world testing.

Managing the interdependencies between our various launches is a continuous challenge but we feel, in conjunction with RakeTheRake, that the best decision is to go live with our Affiliates system fully functional.


RakeTheRake casino: Sneak peak


MVP Affiliates – On track for Q2

This is the biggest alteration made to our smart contracts since they were developed and then launched live on Mainnet. This has therefore seen a considerable amount of work involved in adapting them.

Although still on track for an imminent release, various tasks have been identified to de-risk and further secure the contracts and this has pushed the launch back.


New Website UI/UX – On track for Q2

Due to resources being shifted to other projects, namely MVP Affiliates, this has been pushed back in June. Much of the work has been completed in order to make for a more functional, customisable and mobile-friendly casino environment.


Funfair Wallet – Now planned for early Q3, subsequent to new website launch

This is a huge project and we’ve made significant progress, proving the concept and have seen it successfully interact with the blockchain, Metamask and our Fate Channels. Client integration issues and the need to be extra rigorous in testing has pushed this back from the originally stated launch at the end of Q2 though.

It is also dependent on the launch of the new website UI/UX so will go live once that is completed.

Take a look at the work in progress screenshots below for its look and feel:


Work In Progress – Deposit Funds


Work In Progress – Security Settings


As stated before, our roadmaps and timeline updates are best estimates at the time, but we’re building something brand new and this throws up various challenges, usually foreseen but often not considering how significant the work involved is.

We therefore need to make constant estimates with little precedent about the required development work involved, which are all made and communicated in good faith.

We’re spinning a lot of plates here and the team are doing a magnificent job, but, we’re also acutely aware of the frustration this can cause to our community as we miss targets. Please hang on an extra week here and there and we’ll continue to push out pioneering blockchain technology, improving the platform to drive further adoption.



The FunFair Team