As the team continues to grow and we add more talent to the ranks, we wanted to introduce you to the new faces here at FunFair HQ.


Matt Millross – Senior Software Engineer

Random fact:  Shares his birthday with Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee, but has managed to live to an older age than both men. Fingers crossed for a continuation!

Professional experience: Worked as a developer for 15 years in the finance and insurance industry.


Nina Velikova – Executive Assistant

Random fact: Has a grammar OCD

Professional experience: Has worked as an EA for 2 years, previously working for a data analytics company.


Josh Stevens – Senior Software Engineer

Random fact: He once sat next to Phil Mitchell on a plane.

Professional experience: Previous to FunFair was a senior developer for a communications company.


Geoff Scaplehorn

Random fact: Once got stuck up Snowden in mid-December and had to be retrieved by a mountain rescue team!

Professional experience: Moved over from Playtech as a game producer.


Oded Coster – Senior Software Engineer

Random Fact: He holds three nationalities

Professional experience: Oded has been developing websites since the late 90’s and has specific interests in performance and security.


Francois Arnaud – Games Artist

Random Fact: He’s a bit of a tennis fanatic who has met Novak Djokovic, Francois is also a keen scuba diver and is a qualified rescue diver.

Professional experience: Brings with him years of experience in graphic design and game design, specialising in innovative gambling games. He’s previously worked for Endemol, Bwin Party and Pokerstars.