As part of our regular feature, we’ll be finding out more about the people behind FunFair Technologies and what makes them tick. Next up is Nick Antill, who is our QA Lead.


What does your day look like today?

Sunny with a chance of bugs. I’ll be gathering data and feedback from the beta program, performing tests on new features and games from the dev team and evaluating some CV’s with a view to expanding the team.


Why did you join FunFair?

The opportunity to work with some good friends and to build my own test team in the crypto space while utilising my experience in the gambling/gaming industry seemed just too good to be true. How could I resist?


What is your favourite thing about working at FunFair?

The buzz. Both internal and from the community. It is a really exciting project and that is evident from everyone I speak to on a day to day basis.


What makes you happy outside of work? 

Climbing up large walls of rock with my family.


What is your life motto?

If it ain’t broke, I’m not testing it right.


What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

There are more possible combinations of chess games than there are atoms in the universe.


Favourite current TV show/series?

Altered Carbon


Best band you’ve ever seen live?

Dave Gilmour (not technically a band but he played with one)