As part of our regular feature, we’ll be finding out more about the people behind FunFair Technologies and what makes them tick. Next up is Ryan Gledhill, who is our Lead Frontend Developer.


Hi Ryan, what does your day look like today?

Fixing bugs! We’ve just started our Beta and our testers are doing a great job keeping us on our toes.


Why did you join FunFair?

I’ve been obsessed with all things crypto for over a year now and I’m certain blockchain technology will change the world. The opportunity to join a well thought of, trailblazing startup in a nascent industry was impossible to pass up. I also think FunFair is one of the very few crypto use-cases that utilise the technology to solve a genuine industry problem as opposed to it just being the latest buzz word.


What is your favourite thing about working at FunFair?

The people. FunFair boasts the strongest team I’ve ever worked with in the entire tech sector – not just crypto. They’ve all got a great sense of humour too.


What makes you happy outside of work?

Food, wine, geeking out whenever possible. Usually in that order.


What is your life motto?

Try everything once.


What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

Naked mole rat queens fight for the honour to have 900 babies, apparently. Tough gig!


Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?

If (expected === unexpected)

return unexpected === expected;



What is your favourite Pokemon and why?

I like rooting for the underdog, so Magikarp fits the bill and also becomes big time once it evolves into Gyarados.