Our FunFair Team is growing!

With work on our Wallet and Labs experiments heating up, some new roles opened up within the team. After a long search, we managed to find two outstanding candidates – as below!

Graham Bell

Last month we welcomed Graham Bell to our team.

Graham has joined as a UI/UX Designer, working alongside Laurence, our Creative Director and the Art Team.

Professional experience

Graham has been working in design studios and agencies since he left school 24 years ago. He has worked on every digital/print/graphic design project imaginable and hopes to bring all of that experience and knowledge to FunFair.

Why did you join FunFair?

“Having spent the last ten years working at huge multinational companies, I felt my creativity was being held back by endless corporate red tape and politics. So I wanted to find something completely different, where thinking outside the box is encouraged, and my creativity can run wild. FunFair ticked a lot of boxes.”

What is your favourite thing about working at FunFair?

“So far, the team has really impressed me. Everyone is extremely helpful, friendly and approachable. My introductory talk with Fred (CPO & Technical Compliance Officer) about the company’s work ethos was very encouraging. I think I’ll fit in well here. And finally, I’m a lifelong gamer, so working for a company that produces games was a career goal for me.”

What makes you happy outside of work?

“Sunshine, friends/family. Long walks with the dog, gaming with the kids. Sport (playing and watching), and music; we try to get to a festival or 2 each year.”

Matthew Ware

Earlier this month, we welcomed our latest staff hire Matthew Ware, to our team.

Matthew has joined as Senior Game Artist who will also be working alongside Graham, Laurence, our Creative Director and the Art Team.

Professional Experience 

Matthew has more than ten years of experience working with games and apps, predominantly on Mobile. Working as a generalist in the art department, he has covered a wide variety of areas, such as; UI, 2D, 3D, Animation, and some more technical aspects like Shader Creation in Unity.
Matthew has experience working on various projects, including working with big brand names like Three Mobile and Voodoo, alongside smaller Indie games with two team members.

Why did you join FunFair?

“I joined FunFair because it looked like a great place to work. It also looked like a good opportunity to start getting involved with crypto on a professional level.”

What makes you happy outside of work?

“Watching my sons learn new things, going for walks in the countryside and of course playing games!”

We are excited to see both of our newest team members apply their industry experience and showcase their talent, helping us grow our business even further.

Welcome to the team, both!