Last week, we welcomed yet another new member to our team, Iliana Pavlova.

Iliana has joined as a Senior Developer, working alongside Paul Jackman, our Lead Game Developer and the Funfair Games Team.

Iliana Pavlova

Professional experience

Iliana has worked in games for about nine years. She started her career in Codemasters where she worked on Dirt Rally as a gameplay programmer. Following that, Iliana moved on to contracting – working on various projects from surgical simulations to free to play games. She specialises in casual mobile games and as she says herself ‘enjoys working on anything that is fun and dynamic.’

Why did you join FunFair?

“I have a lot of experience in games and I have always been interested in blockchain technologies – FunFair seems to combine those two so it seems like a good opportunity to get involved.”

What does your day look like today?

“It’s pretty good! Familiarising myself with the projects at FunFair, it is all quite exciting.”

What is your favourite thing about working at FunFair?

“I don’t know yet! I hope to find out soon, from first impressions work seems to be very streamlined which is always a good sign.”

What makes you happy outside of work?

“Walks, going to the beach, my cat.”

What is your life motto?

“It is what it is.”

Which superhero (or villain) would you be?

“Ace Rimmer from Red Dwarf if that counts as a superhero?”

Random fact:

“I once made a game about toilets.”

We are really excited to have yet another new member join our team, and look forward to seeing Iliana showcase her talent and skills in some upcoming FunFair Game projects!

Welcome to the team!