Following up on his Product Update late last year, our CPO Fred Kessler gives the latest on our platform updates and goings on at FunFair.


It’s been a while since my last blog and a lot has happened. We’ve been working non-stop on new features to be released this quarter and next, and therefore, it’s the perfect time to update our community, players and partners on what’s to come.

You may have seen the multiple game releases in Q1, including our first two third-party titles with Spike Games, Ocean Blaster 2 and Alice Cooper: School’s Out For Summer, and our first high-roller title, Blackjack VIP.

We’ve also made minor but important changes to the platform UI, improving the player experience. Auto-compensation of FUN and ETH has been introduced on sign-up, allowing players to bet from the off, reducing onboarding friction and giving them the thrill of real FUN betting immediately.

A lot of the work we do isn’t always front end and therefore won’t always be visible to players, but their implications are substantial so I think it’s worth giving you an idea of what they are.

In recent months, we’ve integrated Tableau® into our internal systems. This has helped us gather masses of data and insight on our player behaviour and their interaction with our platform and allowed us to act in a much more data driven manner. We can now react in realtime to new events, and this has freed up significant time and resource using Tableau® as a self-service tool across various departments.

Other updates have seen us cease development work on our internal content management tool, in favour of a Contentful Headless CMS. A knock-on of this has shifted resources from our busy development team, with the operations team now able to implement content changes directly. This will also help with localisation requirements in future.

We know, we know! Our new KYC integration target was missed. As much as we would have liked to hit all our milestones, our KYC will be better for it and will be out in April. The new process will promise less friction and a far more streamlined registration process.

Other ongoing development work running through Q1 has been our mobile website. Currently in its final stages, this will not only improve the mobile UX but will also bring enhancements to desktop, allowing us to expand into new markets and deliver a more targeted, scaled-up marketing strategy.

The new skin for RakeTheRake’s white label is deep in development and looking impressive. It’s a strong brand and has a great casino feel. We’ll announce specific launch dates shortly.

Perhaps one of the more significant ongoing projects here has been our new wallet which facilitates for both mobile optimisation and the improved onboarding we aim for. What started with testing and proving an ambitious concept, it’s now gone far beyond this and we expect it to be a game changing solution for our platform when it goes live.

We’ll be following up with more information on this in a few days!

Our affiliate program has been shifted up our roadmap into Q2 as an MVP. We want to bring a full blockchain solution to the affiliate space that will not only attach fairness but also instant payouts as we’ve discussed before. It’s not easy, but it’s progressing well. Definitely another ‘watch this space’!

It’s fairly clear that a lot of these product developments have interdependencies and a lot of them are ongoing, being launched as first-gen versions.

We’re acutely aware that improving the onboarding journey is incredibly important, but also just one step in the journey. We also have to provide easier access to funding options from within the website and this is high up on our list.

Not discussed in my last blog post, but I want to touch on now is our games roadmap. Over the last year, we focused on delivering a catalogue of games that is far beyond what’s currently available in the blockchain casino space, but also one that increases variety of games to give our players the most choice possible.

Our roadmap of games is long and we develop them in unison, but in light of recent data gathering and brainstorming, we’ve added exciting new concepts to our roadmap, quite different to a traditional igaming portfolio and we will manoeuvre delivery dates as and when necessary.

Several concepts aren’t currently achievable at this time due to technical limitations, but we don’t see these as insurmountable. To that end, we’ve started additional R&D around bonusing, jackpots, non-fungible tokens and multiplayer elements. This research will give us a better understanding of the challenges ahead and we’ll then prioritise which ones we’ll attack first, balancing development and commercial requirements.

Hopefully, I’ve outlined a lot of what’s been going on at FunFair in recent months and given a taste of what’s to come. The team is working harder than ever and we’ll continue to deliver a better gambling experience to players and the best platform solution to our partners.


Onwards and upwards!

Fred Kessler