Following from our recent Q3 review, we wanted to share our plan of action for Q4 and outline the many developments we have lined up until the end of 2019.

We’ve laid out our objectives below and have offered some more information about the individual projects in terms of product, games and marketing. As usual, we’ll continue to relay further detail on specifics when we can and nearer to launch dates, so keep an eye out on our social channels in the meantime.



The majority of product work for the quarter will revolve around supporting marketing requirements as the team looks to drive acquisition and retention through improved use of media channels and user journeys.

We plan to roll out updated promotional areas which will offer clearer funnels to acquiring bonuses and more engaging social elements such as frequently updated leaderboards, bringing greater longevity and dwell time to our partner brands.

New, better-integrated landing pages will also be introduced with the aim of reducing friction around the onboarding process, while also benefiting our SEO requirements.

We expect to have blog support in this quarter. Not only will this allow for a far more seamless spread of news and promotions to customers from individual casinos, but it will also be another tool to assist with SEO. Currently, the platform has not been optimised to be crawled, and a priority will be to ensure FunFair’s partners become far more visible to these tools.

Other marketing elements will include customised, targeted carousel banners using cookie and query dependencies, ensuring players and potential players are seeing a far more targeted message. Not only will this provide a better experience to the players but we also expect it to have benefits to retention and success of promotional campaigns.

On the payments side, we’ve been researching various crypto exchange functionality that can be integrated seamlessly into the platform and used on-site rather than relying on complicated journeys elsewhere. Changelly is one platform we expect to introduce soon, but there are other third-party and in-house options available to us which we’re very keen to explore. This will make the wallet release even more effective as we further lower the hurdles to play the best blockchain games.

Following the successful application for our Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission licence last month, we are also starting work on the platform to bring it in-line with this licence as well as future ones we continue to seek. This includes big-ticket projects such as self-exclusion and max loss limits.

Localisation will also be stepped up. As previously communicated, we are targeting one jurisdiction at first to ensure we have a solid understanding of the requirements of multiple languages and when we are satisfied with this, we’ll look at rolling it out across further languages and locales.

And not to forget the launch of our next white label with M25 Media. We’ve already started working with them and are excited by the offering and expect it to chime well with our existing and future players. This will be more efficient than with previous white labels due to the learnings we’ve already made, as well as the improvements brought about by the second-generation platform.



After a flurry of releases in the middle of 2019, we held back a few releases in recent weeks while we focused on the release of our second-gen platform and FunFair Wallet. We’re now back to our usual routine of one release every month.

Those lined up internally are the already-released Decatron 1000, a new approach to Video Poker with our FunFair edge built in; The Great Cheese Heist, a minesweeper-inspired game where you must hold your nerve in the seek of major wins; and finally, Keno Kong, a video game-themed take on the globally popular numbers game.



Our in-house team are continuing to also work on various new slot variants, table game additions, and some concept titles that are looking very exciting and pioneering. It’s a packed roadmap and that’s just our games!

We’ll also look to showcase third-party titles in Q4. Big Wave is returning to the party with their version of Cho Han, targeted at the East Asian market, and a new simplified slots title that will offer an alternative to our in-house content.


B2C Marketing & Operations

As mentioned above there are a number of marketing improvements being made on the product side which will help to drive continued growth. So far we’re on track to hit the KPIs we set for October and will continue to grow into the rest of the quarter with these improvements and increased marketing activity. However, Q4 is all about acquiring new customers to drive daily and monthly active users.

Promotions-wise, we continue to look at new promotions for both acquisition and retention. The $150 acquisition promotion we’re running at the moment is picking up in terms of quality and we’re seeing less bonus abuse as the month goes on. Moon Racer III has just finished, and we’ll have a new headline promotion coming soon. We continue to push new games with promotional support.

From an acquisition point of view, we continue to push out in ad-networks and through deals with specific websites in the geographies, we operate in. Getting our messaging and narrative into the right social channels and communities is going to continue to be important throughout Q4 and we continue to explore new partnerships there. We have started a micro-incentives campaign on CasinoFair which is starting to bear fruit in growing our social channels and driving new customers to the platform at an effective cost per acquisition.

SEO will also become a more effective channel for us with the product improvements outlined. We also continue to drive partnerships with new affiliates and new referrers going live and a much-enhanced offer in place.

Retention-wise, we’re focusing on driving conversion and revenue from the customers we’ve acquired, especially those who have registered, KYC’d and have a wallet.


B2B Marketing and Commercial

Q4 sees a lot of activity on the events front. We’ve already been to the Isle of Man and have just got back from DevCon 5 in Japan, all the while learning, collaborating and exploring potential partnerships in the space.



November is all about Malta, the ‘Blockchain Island’, and sees us exhibiting, speaking and advertising at the Malta Blockchain Summit at the start of the month, with opportunities to talk to exchanges, media networks, agencies and various other service providers in the sector.

We’re then at SiGMA, the Malta-based gaming show at the end of the month. This is a great opportunity to pitch our proposition to all entities in the ecosystem including operators, white labels, affiliates and game developers.

On B2B marketing, we plan to continue to push out PR and thought leadership pieces internally and through other content writers. We’ll focus on pushing the message out globally both in English and local languages, especially in the markets we’re planning on delivering our localised B2C offering to.

We continue to talk to a number of exchanges, ensuring we have the right amount of distribution globally and locally to offer utility to our customers.

Finally, we’ll be spending more time in the Isle of Man over Q4 and beyond, aiming to take advantage of our approval for the Token-based Software Supplier Licence for the future of the business.

We’re very confident the improvements we’re making into Q4 will be the springboard we need to drive growth in both B2B and the B2B side of the business.



The FunFair Team