We’re excited to announce our updated roadmap for the first half of 2019!


The roadmap protocol going forward will be to add updates on a quarterly basis, outlining the objectives for the following quarter and adding the specific items to be delivered and their delivery dates on a monthly basis, where possible.

We will then update at the beginning of each new quarter. Longer term targets may be communicated more informally elsewhere but will not be included on the existing roadmap.

As you can see, it’s looking to be a busy but exciting few months ahead for FunFair Technologies, and our partner casinos and game developers. We have numerous improvements to the platform and usability coming, a much stronger marketing push to be rolled out, new game launches internally and with third parties, and the finalising of white label casino deals from our ICE offer.

We hope you appreciate that while we endeavour to be as open as possible, for commercial and other reasons we can’t disclose all dates and details on certain projects.

Thanks to all in the community for your support so far, and here’s to a successful 2019!


Roadmap: H1 2019


You can find the timeline here, and we’ve also added some additional context below from the relevant owners of the upcoming objectives.


Please use the live roadmap here for the latest known dates on deliverables and goals.


Q1 2019


  • Improve onboarding process
    • Fred Kessler, VP of Product: “To ensure a smoother process for players to play at partner casinos for the first time, we’ll be be improving KYC and introducing an enhanced user interface.”
  • Phase 1, Marketing Launch
    • Lloyd Purser, SVP Business Development: “We’ll start ramping up paid-for advertising and partnership deals on relevant cryptocurrency and casino websites with the aim of driving traffic to CasinoFair initially, while also exploring more community and social opportunities in the markets we accept players from.”
  • New game launches and repackaging
    • Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer: “We’ve launched our first third-party title in Spike Games’s Ocean Blaster 2, introducing a frantically fun fish shooting game unlike anything else in our portfolio. We’re also well set for Alice Cooper School’s Out, also from Spike Games, to launch in the coming weeks. Our repackaging system is a big change to our infrastructure that optimises load speed for users. The updates will enable us to efficiently support an unlimited number of games with minimal overheads, with the added benefit of streamlining our development processes. And…we have a new game in the works for a March release: Hi Lo Max, a classic multi-level Hi Lo game with a full range of bet options. It’s looking and playing great and expect players to love it.”
  • Acquire new white label partners
    • LP: “Following on from ICE, we’re currently processing the numerous leads generated from it. We’ll communicate progress and update on specifics once contracts are signed.”


  • March 2019
    • Alice Cooper School’s Out by Spike Games launch
    • Simpler KYC integration to go live (Now April)
    • Introduce automated bonusing of funds on registration
    • Hi Lo Max game launch
    • Improvements to platform UI/UX


Q2 2019


  • New wallet integration
    • FK: “In-line with our aim to make our platform as user-friendly as possible, we’ll be integrating a new wallet solution that will allow for a better user experience across all devices.”
  • Deliver mobile optimisation
    • FK: “We’re acutely aware of the need to optimise the platform for mobile use and therefore, this will be a key priority in the coming months for our development teams.”
  • MVP of affiliate programme
    • LP: “Introducing a seamless affiliate programme will be crucial to the long term success of our brands and white labels, as our first white paper stated. We’ll be introducing the initial iteration of this and brining partners on board as soon as possible.”
  • Integrate additional marketing tools
    • LP: “To improve on CRM capabilities and player acquisition tracking.”
  • Multiple new internal game launches, including VIP variants
    • GS: “We have numerous games in concept and development across various genres, including new slots, instant win games and those tailored for VIPs.”
  • Rake the Rake white label casino launch
    • FK: “As previously stated, we will be launching Rake the Rake’s white label once we’ve done the necessary updates to onboarding and the platform’s UI/UX. We will communicate more specific dates once these have been completed.”
  • Third party game launches including Cho Han
    • GS: “Working with our partners, we’ll be rolling out new third party titles on our platform suited to various audiences, but with a particular focus on East Asian demands.”
  • Phase 2, Marketing
    • LP: “Ramping up previous marketing exercises, iterating and building on learnings from Q1 and with greater marketing investment coming from white label partners.”
  • Account area improvements
    • FK: “Aiming to provide players with additional functionality and an insightful account area, giving users greater control over their gaming activity and history, as well as source of funds tracking.”

The FunFair Team