Following up on a successful first quarter of 2019, here’s what’s to come in Q2.


The first quarter of 2019 has been as busy as ever at FunFair. We’ve hit the majority of our deliverables for the quarter and we’re ready to use this momentum for more updates, launches and improvements in the coming months.

So, what have we done since the start of the year?



  • Improve onboarding, Phase 1
    • We’ve made various improvements to the new customer onboarding process. Auto-funding on successful sign-up has been launched and we’ll continue to make changes to ensure it’s as efficient as possible.
    • Various tweaks to the interface and sign-up process have been completed, making the entire process much more user-friendly.
    • The heavy lifting on our new KYC process has been completed with some minor development work currently ongoing before we launch this in April.
  • Marketing, Phase 1
    • You may have seen CasinoFair adverts on various sites such as DappRadar, bitcoin.com, Coin Gecko, BitTorrent and CoinMarketCap; all of which have helped with driving new players to the casino.
    • We’ve increased and iterated our promo work, with regular campaigns around new game launches and ticket campaigns including the successful Millionaire Maker.
    • In tandem, we’ve made various improvements to our backend CRM capabilities which will help considerably as our player base grows.
  • New game launches and repackaging
    • Ocean Blaster 2, our first third-party title was launched in partnership with Spike Games. This was soon followed by Alice Cooper: School’s Out For Summer.
    • Our first VIP title was released in Blackjack VIP, allowing high rollers to bet big and win bigger.
    • We’ve also successfully completed our games repackaging which will allow us to efficiently support a far greater number of game sessions..
  • Acquire new white label partners
    • Talks are ongoing with a variety of potential white labels from our white label partners. For confidentiality reasons, we will give more information only when appropriate.


Roadmap: Q2 2019

As you can see from the following objectives to June, we’ve got a lot going on and our offering will be greatly improved on a variety of fronts come Q3. It’s also important to note that there are some big projects below which we will launch in the coming weeks and months that have been seen considerable development work internally, particularly our new wallet and white label launch. We’re excited to showcase these in a live environment soon and will go into more detail on both nearer delivery.


Dates can change due to changing priorities and requirements, so for the latest, see the roadmap here. We will update this with more accurate dates when appropriate.


  • Improve onboarding, Phase 2
    • Our new wallet will be launched shortly, making the funding and account management process at partner casinos far easier across all devices. We’ll share more details on this soon.
    • We’re in the final stages of integrating our new KYC process which will also tie in to the wallet. This will make the process much more straightforward for new players, driving conversion in the process.
    • Various other iterations to the user flow are being introduced, including more user-friendly design and better aesthetics across all devices.
  • Create a mobile-friendly offering
    • We’re acutely aware of the need to deliver a strong mobile offering which will appeal to the mass market beyond desktop and this will be delivered in Q2. Games will be optimised for smaller screens along with the platform, KYC process and wallet.
    • The wallet will play a key part in this, allowing players to jump between devices with the same account, no matter their browser and with no need for plugins or extensions.
  • Marketing, Phase 2
    • Integrating further automated and data-led marketing tools and building out our CRM capabilities.
    • Using learned player behaviour and feedback to improve on bonusing and promotional requirements.
  • Affiliate program MVP
    • More details to be released in due course but will allow for partners to engage, track and deliver players to FunFair casinos.
  • Launch new games, including new varieties
    • Various games across a number of genres to be launched in quarter, including Hi Lo Max, our first instant win scratchcard and a higher stake slot release.
  • Go live with first white label partner
    • RakeTheRake’s white label is in the latter stages of its development and will be ready to launch in the coming weeks. Featuring a very engaging brand name, strong design and a very different feel to CasinoFair, we’re confident it will be a big hit on launch.

The FunFair Team