Today our dev team added three new games to the FunFair Showcase lobby, giving you both more games to play with, and another working prototype which uses Fate Channels on an Ethereum test network.

Our new games

Visit the Showcase page and you’ll see:

  • Baccarat (Blockchain lobby)
  • Craps (Local lobby)
  • Once Upon A Time slot (Local lobby)

As with our other Fate Channels-powered games, Baccarat is now played with test Ether, each hand uses Ethereum smart contracts to run the game logic and the results of each session are recorded on a test Ethereum blockchain. You’ll need to use an Ethereum-compatible browser or plugin such as Metamask to connect.

Craps is a new addition to our showcase, and once you’ve figured out (or given up trying to understand) the rules, it runs locally in your browser. The full-fat Fate Channels version is on its way!


The Funfair Team

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