With the end of Q1 fast approaching, as part of the launch of our new and improved website, we have also released the next stage of our roadmap.


The roadmap will now be used as much more of a living document moving forward and we’ll be clearly stating objectives on a quarterly basis and adding specifics to it on an ongoing basis. We believe this will help us keep you informed of our plans whilst allowing us to remain fluid and flexible, as is imperative for any start up.

Below is an overview of what is new and why:

Our next major step in the roadmap is to go live with our Beta testing on Mainnet. This should happen in the early part of Q2 and we’ll be announcing further information on how this testing will take place over the next few weeks across our various social channels.

Based on the success of this test period, we will be aiming to go live with our first operator by the close of Q2.

Also within the next quarter, we expect to announce our first 3rd party games developer and begin integration. This will coincide with the release of more original FunFair slot games and updates to existing offerings.

Throughout Q2 and beyond, our team will continue to represent the company at a number of international events on the gaming calendar with trips to G2E Asia and the Disruptive Online Gaming conference in London among the numerous dates in the diary.

As part of our commitment to be open and transparent, we will continue to update the FunFair community on our progress with regular blog posts in the News section and our key stakeholders will also continue engaging with our social communities on Discord.

Away from the roadmap, our latest website release has also seen us revamp our user case section, helping affiliates, casino operators and game developers understand the value FunFair can deliver as we look to create and empower a new breed of operators.

Our News section has also had a facelift as we look to step-up the regularity of our blog posts to keep our ever-growing community informed on the latest FunFair news.