Lifetime commision

Real-time payments

Guaranteed Revenue


New Opportunities

Target fast-growing crypto audience with VIP attributes.

Partner up with new wave of FunFair-powered casinos.

Operate your own FunFair casino with minimal effort and cost.


Never doubt your revenue, with no hidden fees.

All bets verified by consensus so data authenticity is guaranteed and impossible to alter.

Decentralisation and cryptography can eliminate payments and game-related fraud.

Lower cost

Fewer servers and databases means infrastructure costs are significantly reduced.

Blockchain automation reduces overheads for security & technical staff.

Crypto payments via smart contracts eliminates fees and chargebacks.

Better payments

Streamlined payments from operator to affiliate – no third party required.

Get paid correctly every time with revenue calculated by blockchain-powered smart contracts.

Cryptocurrencies are fast, low cost, global advantages to players and affiliates