Although we have a clear vision, a talented team and a defined roadmap to get us there, we also have something to show for our work to date.

This video, taken on 14 June 2017, takes you through our development platform, from lobby to games that are actually running on the Ropsten or Kovan test blockchains, using our Fate Channel technology. This combination is what makes our games fairer than traditional (non-blockchain based) online casinos, and faster than all other blockchain-based casinos.

No waiting for the next block to be mined. No gas cost for every spin or hand.

Although we do plan to release these and other games with the platform, to sit alongside those made by independent developers all over the world, the ones you see in the video are very much a rough cut – a Proof of Concept – rather than a finished product.

Come back in the next day or two and you’ll be able to play these games yourself when we host our showcase on

What’s in the video

The video features a sneak peak at our development platform, from a 3D lobby to games played on serverless local browsers and Ethereum test blockchains with Fate Channels. We’ve also included some footage of games set for release later in the year.

You might think you could be watching any online casino game, but it’s the powerful technology behind this platform that makes it so remarkable, and you’ll have to trust on that – for now! However, in the near future, we aim to implement an audit mode so that anyone playing a game on the FunFair platform can see what’s going on under the hood, to show that all our games are transparent, tamper-proof and provably fair.

Try it for yourself

Come back in the next day or so and you’ll be able to test our platform for yourself. You’ll see from our roadmap that there’s still work to be done before we’re ready to go live, but with Proof of Concept slots that are provably fair, faster than anything in the blockchain world and cheaper to run than anything inside or outside the blockchain world (more on that in a later blog), we’re already way ahead of the pack.