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Game Changer

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology to revolutionise the online casino industry

Revolutionising online gaming

Starting an online casino is complicated and expensive, and that’s before you try to attract players and earn their trust. Using blockchain technology to simplify setup and reduce costs, FunFair enables anyone, anywhere to run their own casino.

The FunFair platform also offers unrivaled levels of transparency and player protection, and is set to open up gaming globally. This technology has the potential to profoundly change the gaming world, and FunFair is the first global gaming brand to unlock that potential.

Our platform brings casino operators, game developers, affiliates and players together in an open, efficient and entertaining way. We’re using powerful Ethereum blockchain technology, our own Fate Channels and Fun tokens to make it happen. In this short video, FunFair founder Jez San explains it best.

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We're more than a dream and a white paper

With a range of prototype casino games powered by our game-changing technology, we're way ahead of the competition. Visit our Showcase and try them yourself!

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Introducing our new Official Telegram group

We wanted to share some exciting news on the Telegram front. As of today, we are […]

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Ethereum Community Conference: FunFair’s Jez San on scaling tech for mass market gaming

FunFair CEO Jaz San will be delivering a talk on how FunFair will be using blockchain […]

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FunFair appoint new PR Agency and part pay in FUN

FunFair are excited to announce we have appointed Dynamo PR to help lead our global communications […]

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