FunFair is a decentralised gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, it is the first platform to solve the big challenges that have made other blockchain casinos unplayable.

Our vision is a limitless universe of transparent, secure casinos that can be easily created by anyone, anywhere, where games are fun, fast and fair. That’s why we’re called FunFair.


Create your own low-cost blockchain casino quickly and reap the rewards of our pioneering technology. Using the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts and our own never-before-seen ‘Fate Channel’ solution, we can offer the ultimate casino experience – complete transparency, astonishing efficiency and unrivaled user experiences.

Fast & FairGames

Using decentralised, open-source technology and Ethereum smart contracts, we can eliminate any doubts about game fairness. But transparency isn’t enough. Users should never have to wait for their next game, nor should anyone have to shoulder the burden of blockchain transaction fees for each spin of the slot, or hand of blackjack. Our ground-breaking approach to Random Number Generation and ‘Fate Channels’ delivers the seamless experience that 21st century gamers demand.


Players are at the centre of everything we do, which means fairness, speed and better payouts are just the start. Our combined 40 years of experience building gaming and casino software means we will never compromise on user experience. Our great looking, intuitive games come preloaded with the platform, showing future FunFair developers what’s possible. And so you know we mean business when it comes to delivering a product, you’ll be able to test some of our games yourself before the token creation event begins.


Funfair’s token, FUN, is the currency of this new ecosystem. It is the fundamental method of interaction with FunFair smart contracts, ensuring every participant is rewarded for their contribution.

Users will buy FUN tokens as the chips in FunFair’s online casinos. Game developers will get paid in FUN. Casino licensees will finance their operation solely with FUN, and affiliates who bring in new players will be paid in FUN. Platform service fees such as Random Number Generation will be paid in FUN, and then burnt.