Kickstarting the year with 2020 vision, the team looks forward to what is expected to be a busy, yet productive period. With many developments taking shape across the business, we have compiled a rundown of what you can expect to see in the coming quarter. Highest on the product priority list are improvements to the onboarding process, to increase our conversion rates, with changes being made to the existing KYC, enhancements to the deposit section of the wallet and overall UI/UX improvements to the website and funnel.

We also plan to substantially increase our marketing efforts and as a result, increase prospective players hitting the top of the funnel, the reduction of friction throughout the funnel is, therefore, paramount to convert them. Optimising the customer journey, user experience and initial onboarding, play integral parts in the road to mass-adoption –  and ultimately an increased player base.

To help us achieve our goals we have made two new senior hires sitting within marketing, across both B2C and B2B; Tom Leadbetter and Matthew Chuen.


We have three key focus areas for Q1 2020 which are all related to making onboarding easier for customers and increasing depositing monthly users. 


Firstly is the KYC process. Following a lot of research and user testing, we are optimising our existing form based KYC process by reducing the number of fields required and also introducing document scanning technology. Form improvements will be rolled out in all markets where we expect Trulioo to have a high success rate and we will also be introducing document ID as a backup.  

In other markets, where we know Trulioo has lower success rates, we will be testing document scanning as the primary means of undertaking KYC. As a bonus, we will also be able to accept players from more markets using document scanning technology.  We are confident this will increase both the number of users able to enter the funnel as well as our conversion rates. 


The next critical hurdle is to make the payments process easier which we are looking to do across 3 key areas; the further integration of 3rd party crypto exchange partners, the removal for the need to have eth to open a session and continuing our search for a fiat to crypto partner. 

Streamlining and reducing costs when converting other leading cryptocurrencies to FUN is always a mainline goal. Making this process both simpler and cheaper provides benefits to white label partners and players alike. After extensive research and reviewing the options open to us, we have decided to explore integration with automated token exchange, Uniswap. This will enable holders of Ethereum to seamlessly convert into FUN. We also continue to look for cheaper and quicker partners in order to convert BTC to FUN.

After much consideration as to how we can do this, we have decided that we want to try and remove the need for users to pay for Gas when opening a session. Along with the obvious benefit that it’s better for them if they don’t pay, the concept of Gas is confusing to end-users.  More on this to follow.

Finally, concerning payments, we continue to explore FIAT to FUN providers.  Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as we’d like, when you mix gambling with crypto and the specific markets we have to operate in, but we continue to explore with the goal of integrating a solution during Q2.

User Experience (UX)

Lastly, we’re also delivering on several key items related to improving UI/UX, especially in all areas of registration, KYC, and in funding an account. Reducing the steps in the onboarding process, making it clearer and simpler is one of our key objectives and we have identified several improvements that will dramatically reduce the time and steps on this user journey.

We are adding even more data points to help measure the success of these improvements and changes to the platform so that we can make better decisions and better understand our players.

Other Product Releases

We know the community is keen to see the launch of our newest target market, Japan. We can confirm that we have now hired a Japanese country executive and that the core language localisations are now complete, with game localisation to follow. We are now waiting to synchronise the launch in line with our KYC updates, as well as ensuring that we have the operational and marketing support and processes in place to effectively manage a multi-language offering.

Two other big releases this quarter include gaming history and responsible gaming both of which support our belief in a fairer world of gaming and are also critical product requirements in order to activate our IOM GSC license.



With 2020 kicking off to a flying start, all focus is on ICE and iGB Affiliate London. These two events are a great platform for FunFair to showcase its technology and white label opportunities to the wider gaming community.

Unlike previous years, FunFair has decided to share a stand with our partners Digital Isle of Man, based at stand n6-220, attendees can book meetings for a product run through, or come by for one of our two daily presentations at both 11 am and 2 pm.

We will be actively seeking new operator and white label opportunities, leveraging our unique position as the only tier one licensed B2B blockchain casino platform. Those looking to meet the team and book in some time to discuss white labels can do so here, however, places are limited and running out.

FunFair will continue the week exhibiting at iGB Affiliate London, the largest, most international iGaming Affiliate event and community. Thousands of affiliates flock to iGB to discover newly licensed operators of which to work with, along with new and emerging markets to dive into. FunFair’s position in regulated blockchain casino operations and its unique affiliate proposition allow us to offer a gateway into a $7bn emerging industry.

The team will be focusing on signing up affiliates, white label partners and pushing FunFair affiliates as a network. FunFair sees affiliates as a clear immediate use case for our decentralised casino platform with the intention to work with operators in the long term.

The B2B marketing team also sees a new member of staff join, in the shape of B2B Marketing Manager, Matthew Chuen. Matthew has eyes firmly set on increasing FunFair’s B2B presence through proactive PR, event management, and calculated and targeted lead generation. On top of this, he will be spearheading multiple aspects of the community and social strategy, and you will undoubtedly see him on both Telegram and Discord.

It’s an exciting time for FunFair, with 2020 kicking off with strong ambitions, clear goals around affiliate signups and future white labels. On top of this, we have a strong team in place to execute and exceed these goals, and I’m proud to be part of such an innovative company. There’s a lot to sink my teeth into, and the planning is already in full swing. The community can keep their eyes peeled for the introduction of regular webinars, AMA’s and a new FunFair ambassador program, amongst other initiatives.” – Matthew Chuen, B2B Marketing Manager


As CasinoFair expands into new markets with a look to increase the acquisition of new customers, Japan is the first step in this direction. The localisation of the platform into the Japanese language will help improve the quality of traffic from this market whilst ensuring we are not excluding any potential users.

To date, we have tested acquisition campaigns primarily across crypto sites and partners, which makes sense for early adopters. But other display networks and platforms need to be explored, including Twitch, other online gaming platforms and influencers. A robust testing process will be introduced and measured against KPI’s to build a network partnership to deliver user acquisition.

At the same time as increasing acquisition, we need to maintain a strong player base through the use of targeted and automated retention strategies. This will include engaging with both prospective customers and lapsed customers that have at some point engaged with the CasinoFair brand. To deliver data-driven and personalised marketing strategies our current marketing tools need to be improved.  We are therefore undertaking a project to shortlist 3rd party “MarTech” providers to start implementation with them before the end of the quarter.

Hand in hand with the new marketing tools, CasinoFair will see an increase in content creation over the coming months. This is aligned with the introduction of a new platform blog that will both increase search engine optimisation (SEO) and to allow players to keep up-to-date with all the latest. This content will range from video, editorial, webinars and will be directed at both existing and new users. Creating wider exposure to the CasinoFair offering. 

We also want to empower our team and partners. As such, we are looking at the tools we provide. Several affiliates have asked for a reporting dashboard on top of the instant payments via blockchain CasinoFair provides. As such we have spearheaded a more detailed reporting interface which has been a blocker for several new affiliates. 

Further, we have made improvements to our referral program by making the signup process quicker and easier along with a new incentive to ‘Share the Fun’ between both the referrer and referees.

The above is all thanks to one of FunFairs newer hires, Tom Leadbetter, B2C Head of Marketing. Tom will be spearheading the user acquisition and retention strategies for CasinoFair and has some ambitious plans that will be executed over the coming weeks and months. 

“Over the past few years, the development team at FunFair have built a cutting edge blockchain-based platform for CasinoFair users. This year I am excited about the prospects that marketing can now leverage with a Guaranteed Fair approach to the market. We are in a great position to start shouting about the benefits users can expect from playing our range of games and will be ramping up efforts exponentially.” – Tom Leadbetter, B2C Head of Marketing



The games team continues to build innovative games that bring unique experiences to our players. For instance, January saw the release of our latest game ‘Fun Mountain’, which takes the traditional format of snakes and ladders and applies a mining-themed twist, that saw it rise to the third-highest game in terms of wagers. Head on over to CasinoFair to play, if you have not already.

Next on the list, is a new game being released in February. We’re going to release more on this shortly, however, you can participate in our pre-launch competition and win 500 FUN. To enter, all you have to do is guess the name and type of game that we’re releasing.

Also, we’re proud to announce that Big Wave’s second game built specifically for the FunFair platform, ‘Five Fruits’ is due to be released in Q1. With the output of the games development team, at an all-time high, we are proud to announce that there are six further games planned to be released this quarter.

As many of you may already have seen, we have also made some adjustments to staking levels across the platform. This decision was made in order to align a range of instant win games with current staking behaviour and future expectations.  We will also be rolling increases out to table games and slots over Q1 and Q2.

With a strong start to the year already in full swing, there is a lot for us to keep you updated on. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and follow us on Twitter. You can also join the community discussion on both Discord and Telegram.

Everyone at FunFair Technologies would like to thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to the year ahead.

Kind Regards,
The FunFair Team