FunFair was created in 2017 by igaming veterans Jeremy Longley, Oliver Hopton and technology entrepreneur and investor Jez San OBE and has since expanded to become the largest and most experienced team in blockchain gaming. Headquartered in Singapore with its core teams based in London and Dublin, FunFair is the leading provider of blockchain-powered casino technology to the gaming sector.

Our Vision

Our goal is a world of truly fair, decentralised online gaming powered by blockchain technology.

Leveraging the transparency and security of the blockchain, the protocol and platform developed by the FunFair Group are the foundation for a pioneering gaming ecosystem which links all participants in real time. A fairer, more user-friendly experience for players and a more efficient tool for the industry, our innovative casino technology is set to revolutionise online gaming.

What We Think


We believe in fair, open gaming and its potential to create deeper, longer lasting relationships between gaming operators and their players. Operators should be able to conduct their business without the threat of game or payment fraud, and without the prohibitive costs that stop more potential operators from entering the market. Players should be certain, not just have faith, that games will be fair and operators will act with integrity.

We also believe that blockchain-powered gaming can be every bit as fun, engaging and user friendly as traditional gaming technology, while delivering radical advances in fairness, transparency, cost, loyalty and many other areas.

The technology which underpins our enterprise and white label casino solutions can tackle the increasingly common perception that games may not be fair or random. It can eliminate those instances where operators have acted illegally or unethically, or where there was simply a lack of transparency. It can also enable FunFair’s casino partners to serve the growing market of gamers who view blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a fundamental turning point in their gaming journey.

Now that the technology is proven and in daily use across over 22 licenced jurisdictions, our challenge is to rapidly grow that ecosystem of FunFair-powered casinos, players and independent game studios.