We’ve upped the ante and put our money where our mouth is with the release of our big bet version of the casino classic, Blackjack VIP.


We’ve listened to public demand, taken on board feedback from those that want bigger stakes and bigger wins, altered our smart contracts and given the new release a fresh look and feel.



Blackjack VIP will now allow players to stake up to 50,000 FUN on one hand, while also delivering the same immersive, premium 3D experience that a FunFair title guarantees.

Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer, said: “Blackjack is a casino classic and our FunFair version is by far and away leading the blockchain pack. However, we’ve listened to players and the consensus is for bigger stakes and bigger wins, so we’re excited to release Blackjack VIP.

“With a new lick of paint and a classier, high roller feel, we’re confident players from across the world will love this new release and we look forward to bringing players more VIP titles in the future.”

Blackjack VIP is the first release to allow for high-roller staking, with the games team reconfiguring bankroll requirements of both the house and player to ensure all can play at the level they wish to and feel comfortable with.



This backend work will lead to more VIP adaptations of existing and future titles, giving both casinos and players the choice of games that will make for the ultimate casino experience.

Whether you’re a high-roller or a casual punter, Blackjack VIP is available to play at CasinoFair and on our Showcase now!