The first FunFair-powered casino will go live under the name:


CasinoFair is live! Click here to play now.

Built from the bottom up to integrate fun and fairness, CasinoFair will provide the player with confidence in every click. Using our unique dispute resolution technology, each and every game will be provably fair, so users can verify every roll of the dice, turn of a card and spin of the wheel.

It will be the first of a new breed of a casino to offer guaranteed fair gaming, funded by instant transactions and winnings in FUN tokens.

At launch

CasinoFair will initially permit players from five territories: Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Thailand, with more to follow in the future as CasinoFair evolves and ensures the world of truly fair casino gaming continues to expand.

The first iteration of CasinoFair will see ten original FunFair-produced game titles at launch, including blockchain-firsts Tales from the Crypto and Fate of Thrones, as well as FunDice and casino classics like European Roulette and Blackjack. Don’t get too excited though, as if you visit the site before launch, you won’t be able to see anything just yet!


What now?

Users in the five approved jurisdictions can sign up for their own FunPass in advance, which will go live shortly, and doing so will see them receive an exclusive bonus once CasinoFair goes live later this month. This one-time registration will give users a lifetime of seamless casino gaming across any FunFair-powered casino, without the need to ‘sign in’ every time they visit.

To create a FunPass you will need to be using one of three compatible browsers: Chrome, Brave or Opera, and also be signed in to your MetaMask account through your chosen browser’s extension. Find out more information on how to create a MetaMask account here.

As we near launch, we will continue to share further information on the exact nature of the release, and those wishing to become part of the CasinoFair family, wherever you may be, can check out its Twitter, Telegram and Facebook page to get all the news first.