Most asked

What is Guaranteed Fair?
Guaranteed Fair is our terminology for the benefits our technology provides to the player. For too long, ‘provably fair’ has been used as a term by those that we feel don’t offer it. Guaranteed Fair demonstrates how we go above and beyond in offering players the fair treatment at every step of the casino journey, and it consists of three key parts:
Guaranteed random numbers
The FunFair platform combines both yours and the casino’s random numbers before gaming commences. This ensures the merged chain of randomness cannot be affected as a whole, allowing for guaranteed, legitimate game outcomes that can only be random and play out simultaneously to both house and player.
Payment peace of mind
With house and player funds held in escrow for the entirety of the game session, you can be sure that your winnings will be covered in full and paid out directly to you as soon as you close the game. No need to trust the casino, this is done by design.

Complete neutrality
No need to worry about house bias and control, we’re giving the player the power back. All game disputes are verified in a decentralised manner and not by any individual. If the house tries to cheat or something goes wrong, the blockchain will know and reward the innocent party.
What is CasinoFair?

CasinoFair is the first white label to go live on the FunFair platform and you can play there now on any device using any browser.

It is run by a separate entity under the wider FunFair umbrella, TTM BV, and is accepting players from more than 21 countries worldwide.

Where can I play for real money?

CasinoFair was the first casino to go live on the FunFair platform and if you’re in one of their allowed territories, you can play now for real FUN, on any device and browser.

Crypto Casino is our first B2C white label to go live using FunFair powered technology.

More casinos will be going live in the near future. Watch this space!

What is a Fate Channel?

A Fate Channel is FunFair’s advanced version of a state channel. It is an essential component in delivering faster, fairer, more secure and lower cost gaming than other blockchain applications. By performing off-chain execution of smart contrats, the second layer scaling technology reduces delay and costs when playing blochain games, while also delivering real-time provably fair random number generation.

Why do I have to use FUN?

The FUN token is the native cryptocurrency of the FunFair ecosystem, powering every aspect of the protocol and platform actions. It was designed specifically for use with our protocols, smart contracts and Fate Channels and therefore, is far more efficient than other alternatives.

How do I become a white label partner?

We are currently rolling out a more formal process to become a white label partner to FunFair. For the time being, please email [email protected] with any relevant information and contact details.

Where can I purchase FUN?

FUN is available on various exchanges. You can find information on these here.

Where is FunFair based?

We have two main offices in London, UK and Dublin, Ireland.

The London office oversees the corporate, commercial and marketing elements of the business with Dublin overseeing our gambling software and product development arms.

Which wallets do you support?

We recommend all players to use the recently released FunFair Wallet. The FunFair Wallet supports mobile gaming on any device and any browser, offering you the best blockchain gambling experience out there.

We also support Metamask.

Will the platform be available on mobile?

We are currently adapting our platform to be fully mobile-optimised. We’ll update when this goes live.

What language options are available?

We are currently available in English but we will be localising to various languages in due course.

How many games are live on the platform?

We currently have more than 20 games on the platform. These consist of highly visual, well-crafted titles that range across different genres, such as slots, table games, crypto-favourites and instant wins. We also have a third-party titles live in partnership with Spike Games, with more coming from Big Wave Gaming.

You can play these games for real FUN now at CasinoFair and CryptoCasino.