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How exactly can I save money as an operator? And roughly how much are we talking about?

You will save significant money on hardware, chargebacks and operational headcount. We are still working out the numbers on this but we do expect there to be significant savings that will vary depending on the size of operator.

What are the hosting/server requirements?

The number of physical servers required is reduced as gameplay executes in immutable smart contracts deployed to the ethereum network. You will still need a high availability server configuration to host the house application.

If you are taking the session off chain how are you ensuring this is secure and safe?

Our FateChannel tech ensures that both parties involved in a gaming session behave fairly by co-signing state transitions, this ensures neither side can ‘cheat’.

Will the platform be available on mobile?

A number of mobile dapp browsers are being built (cipher/status) – we support these. Our games are built with technology that works in mobile browsers.

How many games do you have?

At launch we will have a small number of well-crafted and highly visual games that will cover a broad range of gaming types. There will be slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, as well as a host of other table games. As the product develops so too will the portfolio of games. We will not be introducing poorly designed rushed games simply to bolster content.

What other tools will be available to an operator ?

Reporting tools will be available to operators at launch. We are currently looking at options for affiliate management, and CRM. Longer term there will be analysis of a suitable rewards programme (bonusing, loyalty) that would be in keeping with FunFair’s brand and product aims.

Will this technology support a Sportsbook ?

Ultimately yes. A genuinely distributed solution for placing real world data into the blockchain needs to exist first.

What will be my running costs as an operator ?

Low cost technical solution, any marketing that you wish to do, a helpdesk or customer support.

What language options are available ?

At launch English. As the product develops we will be looking at introducing support for other languages.

How can I test the software/technology/games?

FunFair is pursuing a full suite of traditional casino games, and you can test the games right now in the showcase:
Some are currently testable on the Ethereum test network, with the live release coming in just a matter of weeks.

How customizable will FunFair casinos be?

FunFair is working on the many customization options right now and up until release. You will definitely be able to customize the look and feel. You can add your own graphics, logos, colour schemes, etc. You will also be able to choose which kinds of games are offered, and how they will be laid out.


If the player never deposits and is paid out instantly what will that do for my retention levels?

We believe retention levels will ultimately be improved as the user experience and trust in the product will give the user a far greater experience than they’re currently receiving.

How big is the crypto community? How many casino players are there within the crypto community?

The crypto community is huge and is growing rapidly by the day. A large number of crypto casinos currently exist, although many are unlicensed. This is something FunFair is looking to change. We want to enhance the overall experience for Players, Operators, Affiliates, Developers and Regulators.

Are you working with any operators yet?

No, but we are planning to launch with a partner in Q3 2018.

Can I go live with the FunFair product now?

We are looking for a few partners at this stage to help us test our V1 casino product offering. In particular we are looking for partners who have experience in attracting casino and/or crypto audiences and have experience or already are in the casino business. We are particularly interested at this stage in existing Casino Operators and Affiliates who are interested in being first movers in this space and are flexible and willing to work with us as we learn from and improve our V1 product offering. If this is you please contact us ->. If this isn’t you but you are interested in working with us in the future please follow us ->

Can I go live as an Affiliate working with FunFair now?

At this stage we are looking for Affiliates who are interested in helping us test our V1 casino product offering so please do contact us with your details. If you are interested in operating as an Affiliate using our model we will gladly put you on a waiting list as we are not yet ready to start testing this, so if this is the case please do contact us.

Who is the team?

The FunFair team consists of 40+ developers, industry executives, and professionals. We have one of the largest teams in cryptocurrency. Feel free to check them out on their website:

When did FunFair start?

Technically, FunFair started on June 22nd, 2017, because all FUN tokens that will ever exist were created on this day. However, the idea, technology, and product were being developed before the ICO started.

The FUN Token

How are you intending to deal with the volatility in the price of Fun?

We expect that volatility will reduce as the sector matures. We are also watching closely the efforts by ecosystem participants to build Stable Coins like makerDao and Variabl. It is also worth remembering that the Crytpo audience are used to volatility and it is part and parcel of using cryptos.

What wallets do you support?

For launch we will be using MetaMask. We are constantly looking at the range of suitable wallet options, and over time expect to offer additional options, as well as supporting mobile based wallet interfaces.

Will players be only able to use 'FUN' tokens ?

Our first partner casino will have FUN tokens as its sole form of gaming currency.

How will an operator bank FUN tokens?

An operator will, at all times, require a reserve of FUN tokens to ensure they are able to accept bets, and cover their liabilities. If, after a period of time, they wish to convert some of their FUN token balance they will have a number of market exchanges which are capable of facilitating this type of transaction.

Why do you need to play in FUN? Why not just traditional money? What are the advantages to the consumer or operator for this?

Our platform license fees are much lower than industry norms – ‘nearly free’ if you use our currency. We all win when the currency is supported. And you can exchange in and out of it easily on the way in and out from other digital currencies. We have control over burning the token, which the platform does to reduce token supply thats correlated with games played. We cant have these crypto economic incentives implemented on anyone else’s tokens so this is a big attraction to the ecosystem players.

How does a player and operator cash in their FUN tokens?

Any player or operator who wishes to exchange their FUN tokens will require using one of several market exchanges which will facilitate a trade of FUN for Ether. The marketplace for Ether is extremely liquid and it can be traded back into a Fiat currency on multiple exchanges.

How much (FUN) will it cost to operate a casino?

This is dependent on the scale of operations you expect to have. There are three key questions that will help determine the amount of FUN you will require: What will the likely split be between table gaming and slot gaming? What do you expect to be the average bet size for a slots spin, or a round of table gaming? What volume of traffic do you expect to receive in your first month? With a broad understanding of these three questions we can recommend a bank size that will allow you to establish an operation, and begin to grow your reserve of FUN tokens.

How much will the developer get in royalties for their game?

We are still working on the economic modelling for this but because of the lower costs of the system we expect these to be generous.

Can I make games of skill on the platform?

Our platform is initially designed to support fixed odds games – but as it develops we’ll be looking to support other types of gameplay, so watch this space.

Where can I buy FUN tokens?

Currently: Bitfinex, Binance, AirSwap,, HitBTC, NovaExchange, EtherDelta

Where can I store / hold my FUN tokens?

We suggest that you hold your FUN tokens in an Ethereum wallet that has hardware wallet integration, such as MyEtherWallet, or MyCrypto. Ledger and Trezor wallets are compatible with these, and can hold your FUN tokens safely.

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