…. and the Top FUN Holding Leaderboard Reward Program! 

FunFair, the decentralised gaming platform powered by Ethereum, today announced a collaboration with Binance, one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance will list FunFair’s FUN token from Thursday 28th September 04:00am UTC. To celebrate the launch, Binance and FunFair have launched a “Top FUN Holding Leaderboard Reward Program”.

Jez San, FunFair’s CEO & Founder commented “We’re thrilled to welcome Binance as the first Asian exchange to list FUN and support FunFair’s token economy. This is an exciting time for FunFair as we’re actively developing games and technology to support the global gaming market and are seeing strong interest in FunFair’s technology from Asia.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO added “FunFair is a very exciting startup that is developing a pioneering technology to potentially revolutionise the $60BN gaming industry and the FUN token will play a crucial role in that transformation.

FunFair was born out of a powerful idea to harness the potential of the blockchain to initiate a revolution in online gaming. The tech gaming startup uses their breakthrough Fate Channels technology to deliver the fastest, most cost-effective, fun, and fair online games occurring on the Ethereum blockchain.

FunFair’s game changing technology has done the seemingly impossible. They’ve made operating your own gaming brand simple and straightforward. The FunFair platform is fully auditable and provably fair while still fun, engaging with beautiful high-res graphics. FunFair is the only commercially competitive solution that stands a chance to compete with incumbent online gaming markets as it is the first global gaming brand to see the true potential of the blockchain.

Funfair’s token, FUN, is the currency of this new gaming ecosystem. It is the fundamental method of interaction with FunFair smart contracts, and ensures all parts of the ecosystem utilises FUN and is rewarded: from players, game suppliers, affiliates to operators.

The “Top FUN Holding Leaderboard Reward Program” will reward 206 of the largest FUN token holders on Binance with additional FUN tokens. The 1st place winner will win 300,000 FUN tokens. The 7th to 206th users with the highest FUN balance at the end of the program, will receive 10,000 FUN tokens. The program will be running till the 1st October 2017 at 04:00am UTC and the extra FUN prize tokens will be distributed to accounts on the same day at 10:00am UTC.

For more information visit: www.binance.com/fun.html